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  1. Hi Tony, great photos from Greece with Tatiana. cool :) We are really happy for you that you are enjoying all your traveling again. Love and kisses Ingrid & Jan & Alex.

  2. Hi Tony,

    Its Fliss, we met in Oxford last year. How are you, I hope your well.

    I see you went to Turkey, your photo’s are great.

    Be great to hear from you.

    Take care Fliss xx

  3. YO!

    T to the O to the N to the Y! This is J to the O to the S to the E to the F from Germany, Mollys last roommate, do you remember? Now I finished my internship in NYC and left Mollys apartement at the end of January and now I am back in Germany.
    5 minutes ago I reflected in my mind the whole 5 months I had in NYC and I remembered the travelling Tony and I that he has a homepage :-)

    Alright, then keep on travelling and keep the Funk in your heart!

    It was nice to meet you!


  4. Happy New Year Tony (the Traveller…..with 2 L’s….),

    Hopefully you haven’t had everything frozen off in North America, and your enjoying your trip! Athens has been crazily warm this Winter……no snow for us yet!

    Looking forward to catching up on your next outing to Athens, whether you will be staying with us or somewhere else :-)

    Take Care

  5. Both Anne & I wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year Tony, where ever you are, be it Weston-super-Mare or Western Australia.

  6. Tonnnyyyy!!

    Hey, it’s Charlie here from Athens…

    Hope all is going well for you back in England and with a certain lady ;)

    Get your arse down to Perth next year and we’ll party it up.

  7. Hey, Tony.

    Looks like you had a great time in Turkey after we parted ways. I especially loved the mud bath!

    Keep the travels up, mate and be sure to call next time you’re down under ;)


  8. hey tony,

    well from our physical sparring, to our verbal sparring, to our love of food.. It was interesting to say the least! good luck with your girl and happy travels.

    may God bless you.


  9. Hi Tony,

    Hope your enjoying you travels in Greece.

    I trust that the Champagne that we won helped grease the wheels of romance and that by now you’ve managed to snare your yourself an exotic dusky maiden. Feel privileged to have met someone as warm and fearless as yourself. Keep going and keep showing everyone just how great those of us deficient the kidney department really are.

    Remember to read some Christopher Brookmyre, I’m sure you’ll like his stuff and appreciate the humour (he’s Scottish what more needs to be said).

    Your partner in crime for too brief a period

  10. Hi Tony! We’re back in Buenos Aires… It was great meeting you in Greece. Hope you’re still doing great in the rest of your journey.
    See you in Argentina next year!!!
    Have fun
    Buena suerte! Nos vemos pronto. GRACIAS! y DE NADA!

  11. Hi Tony,

    Arlene and I were just talking about how you quite literally bumped into our
    table at Pasha Kebab in Fethiye and we all had dinner together. Glad you
    are still pushing on there!

    Keep going

  12. hey tony, what’s up? it’s emily and tages, the americans u hung out with at yasin’s place in göreme. hope you are doing good! we went to mt nemrut dagi and u were right, it was absolutely amazing! now we are in anamur right on the mediterranean where there are palm trees and it’s 80 degrees in october….sweeeet! so, i’ll send u an email once we get to dartmoore and maybe we can grab a beer or tea. safe travels! peace, emily and tages

  13. Hi Tony,

    Hope you arrived safe and sound in Göreme (in your cave as you called it), after climbing up Mount Nemrut !

    If you need info about getting to Antartica, mail me, I have a friend who’s done it with his whole family (kids about 2 years of age, so he knows as well how to travel in different conditions)

    Nice meeting you, keep it going (but don’t forget the lady :)),


  14. Tony,
    You truly are an inspiration my friend. You opened my mind to a whole new view of traveling and taking in this world. It was great to meet you in Fethiye and then explore the great Goreme with you. I hope you are enjoying they rest of your travels in Turkey. I’ll be sure to follow your adventures online and I hope I’ll cross paths with you again one of these days.
    Take Care,

  15. Hey Tony

    my name ıs Danıel and we met ın Goereme. You were touchıng my hand ın the restaurant to read some ınfo out of ıt. I went to you page and read somethıng about you. It ıs very ımpressıve what you are doıng and I wısh for you that you can travel more and more countrıes.

    Safe travels mate

    Danıel from Germany

  16. Hola Tony,
    ¿Qué tal estás? I am the Spanish girl you met in the Fez bus. I came back to Madrid two days ago and I am back to work. I really enjoyed Turkey and our travels there. You are an important part of my travel that I will never forget because you gave me an important lesson that with confidence you can get everywhere. My friend Marisa and I were amazed with all the things you are able to do and you are a good inspiration for us. I hope you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours. Hope the rest of your trip in Turkey went very good. You are welcomed to visit us in Spain when you want.

    Take care,

  17. wıth tony`s permıssıon we have set up a facebook account that other travellers can access to be lınked to thıs sıte as well as sharıng theır photos and storıes about Tony hımself.

    sımply type ın Tony the Traveller and ıt should come up.

  18. Tony the Mole, you are fantastıc!
    we have had a ball wıth you over the last week!
    fırst Olympos now Cappadocıa, you never cease to amaze us!
    you have a dırty mınd and a fantastıc sense of humour.
    we wıll come annoy you ın the UK as soon as we get there, otherwıse when your next ın Sydney and we are back there we wıll get ınto trouble there lıke we have done ın Turkey.
    See you round!
    love you long tıme
    Cıara and Chrıs

  19. Hi Tony, my wife Anne & I met you last week at the Hotel Levent (V-go’s) in Fethiye, Turkey. You amazed us both. How you just jump on a bus to different locations with no planned accommodation reservations is both brave & wonderful. Your attitude to life is more than admirable, nothing seem to faze you. “Keep on truckin’ kid” there’s a lot of world yet to discover, (and a lot of people yet to discover the inspiration within you). To quote ACDC, “To those who are about to rock, we salute you”.

  20. hi Tony!

    How are you? I met you in Istanbul at the Anzac Wooden House and we had some wonderful food at the Ramazan festival next to the Blue Mosque. We shared a fig which turned out wasn’t that good–I had over 50 figs in the last week that were way better and now they are my favorite fruit! So wonderful.
    If you can, go to Sunset Point in Capadoccia and walk into the Red Valley. The energy there is amazing and I know you will appreciate it.
    Good luck with your travels. Let me know when you’re in New York!


  21. Gday Tony.

    Ive told you once and ı wıll tell you agaın… Your a gold mine! Its been an absoloute ball havıng you around the fez bus the last couple of days. Im stıll jelous you got to go to the mud baths! Hey have you stıll got that rock ı gave to you from th gorge?

    Your wıth out a doubt one of the most facinatıng blokes ı have ever meet!

    Keep on keepıng on… I wıll be sure to keep tabs on your crazy adventures!

    Take care mate!


  22. Hi Tony!

    Great to meet and spend a few days with you in Istanbul – you are truly an understated inspiration!

    Stay in touch. We’ll be in Tbilisi, Georgia from January 2010 onwards for at least a year, possibly longer. Look us up if you’re ever in town. We’ll sort you out proper.

    All our best,

    Aaron and Sandra

  23. Hi Tony,

    How are you?

    My Brother Kyle has been telling me all about you.

    any way, look froward to hearing from you soon.

    HAPPY DAY :) Take care, Corbin

  24. Gday Tony, ya cheeky bugger, awesome website ay. when you come to australia, you must come and stay with us, were keen to have you stay with us.

  25. Hi Tony! Yay i figured out how to use this!
    Even though you´re sitting right next to me and i could probably tell you in person, i´m very happy to have met you you are a great guy. Hope to see you again sometime, maybe when you come visit us in Aus!

    Love Laura

  26. Hi Tony :

    Hope you are very well , How is going your life ??? I am in Caracas working a lot , I was in New York city last week , amazing city , tell me your news

    Your friend always


  27. Hi Snow White!!

    Im so sorry i didint get to say good bye to you last night :( i fell asleep as soon as i got back from bath, you no being made to look beautiful is hard work haha. You will love bath, your visiting there soon arnt you? you better stay in contact with me now, you were great fun at the hostel, very cheaky and naughty but fun. Where you off to in the next few weeks keep me upto date on your travels and the gnome situation.

    take care :)

    x x x x x x

  28. Hi Tony,
    Its Lois from the resturant the other day in littlehampton (bbq chicken!!!)
    How are you and your travels? It was great to meet you! Your site is great and I will be keeping an eye out for your books! Take care lois x

  29. Tony!!! It was great to meet you in the middle of Surrey Hills (not “nowhere”)! Hope to bump into you sometime somewhere on the earth! Keep travelling…

    P.S. Your mum’s comment about your kidney transplant on the 20th December 2008 made me cry and realised how lucky we are to be able to live.

    Take care x


  30. Hi Tony, this is Rebecca from Holmbury St Mary hostel, I hope you enjoyed your stay with us! and keep in touch. x

  31. Hey Tony!

    Great website! I see that you still haven’t found a place that they’ll let you stay. Once the locals find out what a mad Brit you are, it’s time to ship you off to another destination!

    It’s great to hear from you and to get an update. When will you be visiting the international space station. I’m SURE that’s on your itinerary.

    Take care,

    John N.
    (still the old grey-haired history professor)

  32. hey T….just ate a big shawarma(kabab sandwitch) near tel aviv… just reading your websight….and belching….u lucky bastard…..hope ur donator and u are doing good…..ive asked god to look out for u guys….she said she would…nice day here….going back to california in a couple days…

  33. Hi Everyone,

    This is Tony’s Mum updating all his friends regarding the kidney transplant. This took place yesterday (19th) and all is well. Tony looks terrific and has not stopped talking. He is so happy now and has received a new lease of life. My husband is less lively but, after all, he now only has one kidney! What a gift from Tony’s step-dad and what an unselfish act on his part. Tony should be in hospital about 10-14 days and then home at our place for a month to six weeks. This is to stabilize his drugs and to do this he needs to visit the renal unit at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK 2-3 times a week.

    I wish to all a Very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

    Aileen Milsom

  34. Tony, wishing you the best of everything with your op, and hurry up and get it over and done with as can’t wait to see the smile on your face when I show you the gadget I have for you! Loads of love mister, and hope to see you safe and well in Bristol next week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. Hi Tony, thanks for letting us know when you are going to the hospital. One great news for you our little baby boy Alex was born on Monday 08th December at 2:44 pm in Good Hope Hospital Sutton Coldfield. Sorry for not telling you sooner. We are well and enjoying being parents. Jan is at home with us for 2 weeks so we are learning to be good parents :) Alex is absolutely georgeous we are looking at him all the time. We hope that the operation will go well and you will recover soon. Fingers crossed, we are together with you in our minds. Love and kisses Ingrid & Jan & Alex xxxxx

  36. Hi Tony,
    we have sent you an email, but we are not sure if you have received it. Great news about your operation for 19th December, we will think about you. We are really happy for you. Our baby should be a boy and we will call him Alex. It is exactly 9 days today until the baby is due, so we will let you know when he is born. We are fine and looking forward to see our baby. Everything is ready for him and it is so lovely. Love and kisses Jan & Ingrid

    PS: Magda from flat No. 2 the Polish girl returned to Poland on Monday, so all the people on Arthur Rd. now are new.

  37. Hi Tony,
    sorry we missed your call tonight. We understood that you wanted to come to visit us this weekend. Unfortunately we have already agreed with some builders to finish some work in our house for whole weekend. You know we are trying to have it all done before baby is born. So it is not very suitable for us to meet you now but we are sure we will meet very soon. Hope this is ok with you. Only let us know. All the best to you. Love Jan & Ingrid.

    PS: fingers crossed for all tests and hopefully you will get it rather sonner than later.

  38. Hi Tony,

    I hope all is well with you. I dropped you a line some time ago but didn’t hear back. You must be partying in Sweden. Write when you can.

    All the best,

    Chris from Canadiana Backpackers Inn, Toronto

  39. Hi Tony!

    Since you visited us here in Tocopero, Falcon State, in Venezuela, we haven’t heard from you. We will send you the fotos. I hope everything is ok and I am sure you are on the road again.

    Saludos de Dierk Y Sandra

  40. hello there!!!!
    remember me?? I m the Greek girl you met in Copenhagen!
    how are you?? you must be in Sweden or Finland by now, right??
    well, I must admit I m most impressed by your journeys!! I love journeys too, though I haven t traveled not in the least as much as you have!!
    And I think meeting countries through their inhabitants is amazing!!
    I believe you see places in a much deeper way than any other traveler, since you re not carried away by scenery! know what I mean??
    well, keep up the good work!!! broaden your horizons as much as you can (I don t know if that s the way to happiness though… we say in Greece the more you know, the less happy you become…), but I do prefer learning things than being a happy ignorant myself….
    I m really glad having met you, even if it was for only some hours!
    And I m sure you are most inspiring to others!!
    keep smiling and keep traveling!!!!
    Leda :)

  41. Hi Tony, I sent you an email this morning. I wonder if you could get in touch with me as soon as you get this please. My contact email is posted above. Many thanks. Laura

  42. HEllo. Laying on the bed right now writing this msg. Hope u have a great time in denmark sweden and finland. We are off soon to sweden for a good time. It was nice to have met u. U seem like a nice guy so we are all happy to have met u.. peAce and take care.

  43. Finally perused your website Tony & well worth the wait…
    Nothing from you more recent than 20th August
    I went to see Bob Dylan in London about 3 months ago
    Terribly disappointing, couldn’t hear the words which was always the best
    I still like his CDs though
    Have a good trip

  44. Tony,

    Take care in Venezuela mister and keep safe, have a good one this weekend you naughty boy!!!!! LOL

  45. Tony,
    I liked the website – it looks very professional and is very interesting – you`ve done an amazing amount with your life and I wish you all the best for the future. Hope the fistula works well for you.

  46. Dear Tony. It was so good to see you last week when I was in W.S.M, I have known you over twenty years and what you have achievedis remarkable and I know that your family are very proud of you. Hope the move to Tienmouth went well that the duvet cover went on okay. I wish you all the very best in your new home. Lots of Love. Dorothy