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  1. Hi there Tony,
    Don’t know if you can still remeber me. the 2 ladies from south Africa who shared a rom with you in Athens Backpackers in June 2010. Hope everythings fine with you. You made such an impression on me and my friend Leone. I always use you as an exmple when I,m teaching my students about endurance and courage.
    I cant wait to read your latest book.

    Sandra van Zyl
    Robertson South Africa

  2. Hi Tony,

    We met in Malta back in January near the Upper Barraka Gardens and I helped you find the entrance to the war museum. I hope you are traveling well, good luck with your book and best wishes for the future.


  3. Hi Anth,

    Good to read up on your travels in Africa. Bamako was where I ended up on my rally over Xmas a couple of years back. It was a hectic place, lots of hustle on the streets, several markets. Stay safe.


  4. hi tony i plan to get 10 15 from paignton gets in to tein 10 43 and where would you like to meet any how m8 lookforward to meeting you on the 29

  5. Hi Tony,

    It was great to meet you in Waterstones in Trowbridge this weekend. We’ve picked up your book on Kindle, and are looking forward to reading about your travels.

    All the best for your book tour and continuing travels.

  6. Hi Tony,

    I find your travels very interesting. I was wondering what you do with all the photos you take. How do you know which photos are which? Why do you take photos?



  7. Hi Tony, it’s Will Milner here. I’ve just read your book, really impressed with it! I was wondering if you ever have or would consider doing a travel writing workshop for blind and/or partially sighted people in the Bristol area.

    I do various things with Bristol Community FM radio and am working on an idea to do some features with blind/partially sighted people talking about their favourite places in the city (sort of micro travel reports). I’m hoping that their accounts might reveal some things about the chosen places that sighted people might have missed.

    This would hopefully plug into a larger project with an organisation called Local Journeys, however the idea is still at quite an embryonic stage. However I do think it would be really good to start the project off with a workshop and I think you’d be a good person to be involved with that. If this is something you might be interested in please let me know and we can have a chat about the idea.

    Best regards, good journeys!
    Will Milner

  8. Hi Tony,
    My name is Marga and I´am a spanish journalist that has jut fall in love with your life! I work for a spanish travel magazine and i woul like to contact you for an interview! It is possible?

    Sorry for my english and hope to hearing from you soon!

    Thanks a lot!
    Marga HERRAN

  9. Hi Tony
    It was a pleasure to meet you and Tatiana this afternoon in the Upper Barraka Gardens and “show” you the view of the Grand Harbour. to remind you I took a picture of you both standing overlooking Fort St Angelo, I also took pictures of the Grand Harbour showing you the entrance to the harbour, the marina at Vittorioso, and the peninsular of Senglea.

    If there is anything I can help you with whilst you are staying in Malta I live in the south of the island and have a car so perhaps I could offer you a lift somewhere? Or act as your guide around a particular place? I know my way around Malta really well. Please contact me by email if there is anything I can help with.

    Pam Mason

  10. Hello Tony

    My husband Ray & I met you and Tatiana on 18 July on the train from Rome airport to Rome Central Station. We would like to wish you both a happy festive season and say that we have voted you the most inspirational person we met in 2011 (by far).

    Best wishes

    Ray and Karin Hood (Australia)

  11. Hey Tony

    I’ve been reading your book ‘seeing the world my way’ and all I can say is WOW! The way you talk about travelling is unforgettable and in my opinion so unique. You have really inspired me to chase my dream and go out and see the world, I’ll be seeing you in a bar somewhere in the world soon. Thanks for starting my journey.


  12. I’m writing to you on behalf our client, AT&T.

    AT&T is seeking inspirational people with disabilities who can help AT&T’s mission to be the go-to telecommunications provider that is determined to understand and meet the needs of customers with disabilities. To do this AT&T is crafting an advertising campaign(print/online/industrial events) starting in January of 2012, that uses various quotes from athletes, performers and adventurers with disabilities, who push the boundaries of “can” and the overall brand message of “Rethink Possible.”

    Our goal for the campaign and these quotes is to provide an inspirational message for people with disabilities, their families, caregivers and friends, while offering products and services geared toward the community for their everyday lives. The experiences and outlook on life you possess are a prime example of what AT&T is looking to convey in its message.

    Your quote “really, I want all the freedom I can get” demonstrates determination and the spirit of AT&T’s tag line, “Rethink Possible”, and would be a great asset to the campaign.

    If you would be interested in talking to us further about this project, please feel free to call me at 512.469.5136. Or you can email me at – that works too!

    Thank you for your time.

    Karen E. Ehlers
    2222 Rio Grande St # C300 Austin, TX 78705-5151

  13. Hi Tony & Tatiana,

    Lindsay here…I waited on you at Judges Vinegarroon in Nashville. I came home tonight after our meeting very inspired. Inspired to look you up. Inspired to see the world differently. Inspired to appreciate the senses I have, that you do not.
    I am so thankful you walked in to my restaurant.
    So thankful I sat you.
    So thankful I served you.
    So thankful I could share your story.

    I wish you all the best travels.


  14. Lorena and Me Sergio just came back from our trip to Rome, Italy and I would like to thank Tony and Tatiana for change my life, we meet Tony and Tatiana two amazing people, they are blind just because they can not see with their eyes but believe me the can see far far more than any of my own eyes. We meet them at the Piazza di Campidoglio and Palazzo Senatorio from where on the back of the building you have a great view of the Roman Forun, we where tacking pictures when we find Tony and Tatiana behind us and Tony ask me if I could describe what I was looking When I start describing all columns, stones and archeological pieces he knew all of them and gave us de description of all of them it was a moment where my eyes become his eyes and his mind become mine (hard to describe in words).
    I saw them living to a dead ending street and I ask them where they wanted to go He mention to the bus station and is this moment when I put my hand on his shoulder Tatiana was grabbing him from the waist. (The power of the filing when you touch someone was so strong, can you imagine it?).
    The told us how they meet and how they travel together we where so impress.
    After living them on the bus 64 on direction to the train terminal Lorena and Me star shaking of the impact Tony and Tatiana made in our life.
    We couldn’t see any handicap on them and you gave me a lesson of life because the only handicap there was probably me because I was able to see but I didn’t knew was I was watching?

    Best wishes to Tony and Tatiana a incredible people.
    Thank you Tony and Tatiana if you are back in to Toronto Canada any time in the future I want you two know you have here two friend that will be happy to welcome you in our home.

    Best Regards

  15. Hi, Tony
    I’m brazilian journalist. I work at paper Zero Hora from Porto Alegre ( I’m writting a article about blind travellers and would like interview you about your book anda experiences. It’s possible? I could send a question for you by mail.


    Guilherme Mazui
    Repórter ZH Geral
    55 (51) 3218 4367 . 55 (51) 9518 6705

  16. G’day Tone,

    It’s Mike here, the Aussie bloke you met in Salta, Argentina back in February along with Ilaria, the lovely Italian lass. She has kept me updated on some of your adventures. Finally stumbled across your website here, I’m writing to you from my apartment in Bogotá. I’m teaching Mongrel English to the locals here. Do get in touch if you ever come to Colombia, you’ve got to try the coffee and fruit here. If I were deaf & blind I’d be the fattest b@stard ever.
    Look after yourself me old mucker and try not to leave your medication on the bus again.


  17. So I am just online researching about some street fighter brawling and apparently theres this gypsy fighter called Tony Giles. I type this name into google and the first find is this site. The catch is I met you very briefly in Toronto in march 2008 on my gap year. There was three english guys travelling from Hertfordshire, England, I was one. Incredible story Tony. Your quite the inspiration! best wishes and hope you continue to travel.

    Jon =]

  18. Hey Tony, not sure if you´ll get this but worth a shot as I can´t contact the Wild Rover by phone. We called down yesterday for the Ireland match but couldn´t see you anywhere, maybe you were out? I think tonight is your last night La Paz. Will try the hostel by phone again later but if we don´t catch you, have a great onward journey. We´ll be here for a few more nights so get in contact if you can if you´re staying longer than expected. We´re staying in Cruz De Los Andes hostel on Calle Aroma. Slan go foill! Richie and Ray…

  19. Hi Tony, how are ya? We met last year at a gueshouse in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. My name is Felipe and, with my girlfriend Clarice, we just finished a amazing round the world trip. We are now writing some reports to travel magazines in Brazil and we´d really like to interview you and share your brilliant story with other travelers. I´d like to send you some questions by e-mail, by i couldn´t fine any e-mail on your blog. Could you please send me your adress?

    Best regards,


  20. Hello Tony,
    I’m the guy who try to help you with directions in Tilcara, Argentina, the night when all the restaurants where full, just wanted to say Hi, and if you are coming to Cordoba Argentina, let me know, … I give you a hand in everithing I can, Travel safe and keep going.

  21. Hola Tony. We met at the little bubble of joy that is don Santiago, and shared what I thought was a lovely little Mexican… A meal that is, I don’t think we shared an actual Mexican. Ahem. Anyway Dan and I are about to embark on a 24 hour bus journey to el chalten.. Am ready for some glaciers. Hope your travels are as adventurous as they should be ;-) and loved the ‘what you first thought of Anna story!’ take care. besos. Mahla x

  22. Hi Tony! Hope you are well and enjoying your travels in Chile.
    Thank you again for your companie and a great day in Santiago.
    I’m back home in cold, freezing Germany now and back to work next week.
    All the best. Happy & safe travels!

  23. Tony,
    You are an amazing person. My husband, Lyle, and I were with you on the Antarctic Adventure. It was awesome watching you and Leandro explore the continent, especially when you were sliding down the hill on your backside!!! Those Zodiac rides were something else, too.
    Best wishes to you in your future travels. I see you have already been to Minnesota twice. We got 12 inches of snow today. I doubt that you will want to come here anytime soon. Besides, all of our penguins are in the zoo.
    Happy Trails to You,

  24. Hi Tony,

    We met and had dinner in Selkuk, Turkey. We also went to the church of St. John. Did you sister like her scarf?

    I’m glad to see you made it to Antarctica. It’s a bit out of my price range. I am hoping to go on a Viking cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg as soon as I can afford it.

    Hope you and yours are well,
    – Sue

  25. I was looking for pictures of Waddeston Manor and one of your pictures taken between May and June 2009 i belive, came up in the image search. Unfortunatly the hosue in the two pictures is not Waddeston but is Hughenden Manor, near High Wycombe. It is the former home of Benjamin Disraeli. Just thought you should know.
    BTW I loved the pics of Britain, lots of places I know and some I really must get around to visiting. It’s so easy to miss things that are on your door step. I have a good freind who is blind and she is forever shaming me, with her adventures, just her and her faithful hound!

  26. Hi Tony! We met today while horseback riding in Ushuaia. I wish you luck on your trip to Antartida. It was very nice to meet you and reading about your life on your website. You are a truly special person. I’ll make sure to check your updates here to see what is up with you!

  27. Hello Tony,

    Eunice and I enjoyed hearing your interviews on Radio 4.
    Can we offer our congratulations on getting your book published and thank you for giving us a mention for our small proof-reading efforts!
    Wishing you all the very best of luck for your next adventure.

    With our good wishes,

    Celia Morris and Eunice Woodhead

  28. Hey Tony,

    Saw your book when I was at your brothers over Christmas, I’m currently working in Afghanistan and your book was delivered today from Amazon.

    Looking forward to reading it tonight,

    Take care, all the best.

    Steve Beer.

  29. Tony,
    Congratulations you old geezer! I cannot believe that you have written a book. I must get my hands on it. I am currently back in the States, trying to break into the equestrian industry professionally. Come visit me.
    Love, Patrice

  30. Hi there Tony,
    I heard your interview recently on Radio 4’s Excess Baggage programme whilst driving my car to work in St Andrews University here in Scotland. And I thought WOW. I was so amazed by your travels as my daughter, Erika, who is 16, wants to travel when she leaves school and I thought you would be such an inspiration and a great role model. I am full of respect for your spirit and drive. Today I went into our local Waterstones to obtain your book for my daughter’s Christmas and they contacted Weston-super-Mare branch who had several copies and they informed me that you are having an author event there on Saturday. I cannot believe my luck. They are going to ask you to sign a copy for Erika and post it to me. Fantastic. This will be her most special present and I know she will treasure it always as she sets out on her own world adventures. Thank you so, so much for doing the Radio 4 programme.
    Take good care, Elaine

  31. Hello Tony!!

    I am a Japanease girl who live in las vegas.
    I love traveling as well.I was in london,uk for a half year
    I enjoyed your expressions,words on the book.
    and your website is also wonderful.
    your videos are beautiful.

    people say they are busy for work.
    or just say they cannot
    but actually we can do anything we want
    if we don’t foucus on how hard it is
    to do what we want.
    we create our walls and noone else.

    that is just little thing I learned from your book.
    it was much more than just about traveling for me.

    I thank you for everything you do.

    I will tell your website to my friends.

    Peace ouhi

  32. Hi Tony, Congratulations on getting your book out! I apologize that I didn’t contact you as soon as I arrived back in the states. My moving around isn’t exactly completed. However, I have been sharing your amazing story with my friends and family. You are an inspiration. I look forward to learning more about your adventures. I will always remember Trabzon and Sumela monastary fondly.
    All the best!- Tatsinda

  33. Hi Tony,

    It was great to meet you at Garni, Armenia, near the Temple!

    We are impressed by your travel adventures. And we wish you fulfill the goal of visiting Antarctica very soon.

    And all the best to you and your family.

    Max & Esther

  34. Hey Tony,
    great to browse through your website. We met you on the mashrutka from Tbilisi to Yerevan. We are seriously impressed by your courage traveling this remote region! But we are sure that your mission is exemplary for all handicapped people in this country (that we do not see often in the streets).
    Hope you enjoy your trip through Armenia,

    all the best,
    Anke & Niklas

  35. Hello Tony,

    I’m Anurita Chandrappa, from India. I came across your website for the first time today and i absolutely love it, and i know for a fact it wont be the last time i’ll be on it. I work for a company called ‘Inclusive Planet’ . Its a community website for the visually impaired. We have close to 5000 members from across the globe. The objective is to create an online platform where the global print impaired community can connect, share and collaborate with each other. We also have members like Donna Jodhan and Laura legendary who support us by sharing their blogs with us.

    I took the liberty to post an article about you in our website, and you are undoubtedly already popular among our members and i am sure that they would love to read more about you and your blog.

    I’m hoping that the blind globetrotter will be among one of us (inclusive planet) real soon.

    looking forward to hearing from you!!

    Thanking you,
    Anurita Chandrappa

  36. Hi Tony,
    how are you doing? Hope everything is ok and you are enjoying yourself. We had a quick look at your website and see you have already travelled a lot this year. Obviously you have visitied Greece few times this year :-) Hope your relationship with Tatiana is going right way and you are having fantastic time with each other.
    We send you our best regards as have not heard from you long time. Feel free to come over to ours as Alex, who has grown up much since you have seen him last time, is asking about you :-)
    Take care and happy travelling from us

  37. Greetings from Tampere! We met briefly in City Hostel in Skopje, I’m the Finnish girl who works as a freelance journalist. I tried to send you an e-mail, because I’d really like to write an article about you and your travels, but I guess I wrote the address incorrectly, because my message didn’t go anywhere. So, I would be very grateful if you could send me your address, so we can discuss more about the article (if the idea is still ok for you) and I can send you some questions. I got already one publisher who is interested about you story. My address is following, without any caps, dots or space bars: put my family name first and my first name last, and put the letter “n” between them

    (Sorry this cryptic way, but I don’t want any junk mail generator to catch my address…)

    with best reagrds,

  38. Tony, I just happened upon your website when I was looking for some facts for my photo album on Denmark You are a most impressive young man. You let nothing slow you down. You are truly an inspiration to all. Best wishes to you on all your travels and life’s journey.

  39. Fantastico amigo.

    Tony great page for a great life. Going to antartica? Im seriously thinking that you will be the first human being in mars.

    stay in touch.


  40. Hi Tony,

    My good friend Jon Nixey sent me info about your website. What an amazing man you are! all power to you, and I wish every success in getting to Antarica! I am disabled owing to an accident, and like you, I refuse to let my disabilities get in the way. I wish you the very best my friend.

    Best wishes,


  41. Hello Tony,

    It was a pleasure meeting you. We had loads of fun with the conversation that we had. Hope that we meet again and by that time I hope that you have seen the world. Until then…..

    Best Regards,

    Hakan and Elena

  42. Hi Tony,
    where you are now? We met us in skopje in the hostel, the motorbike men, i am back home now. for me it was a verry good expirience to meet someone like you. i hope you travelling goes on without any troubles.
    many greetings from germany

  43. Hi, iam iliana’s sister and tatiana’s cousin.
    I was informed for your site by Tatiana. She told me that you had a great time in U.K. I have never been there. I also travel but not at so many places as you do. I am really jealous of all you have done and all the places you have been. I loved all the pictures. You ve been in places in Greece, that we have never been. Congratulations! Keep on doing things you love!

  44. Dear Tony,
    my name is Iliana and I am Tatiana’s cousin from Greece…She told me about your site yesterday at her sister’s wedding and I was pretty curious to explore it! You are truly admirable!!! Congrats!