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  1. hello tony. had a look at the website and think its great. you really have seen the signs also read a chapter of your book and think the book will be really interesting and a hit when you start selling it. keep in contact and let me know how you are getting on. great meeting you and keep having fun.
    Mike from dreams

  2. Ironically because you cannot see the places you have travelled, it is the very people and moments (days or months) with them which has given you the richness of your accomplishments.
    What you have done is indeed amazing, but aren’t we all blind and deaf in some way or another!

  3. Hey Tony,

    This is Daniel Kim, the traveller you met at Geneva’s hostel. You were rooming with an aussie guy whose name I can’t remember and he introduced me to you.

    Well, it was really great chatting with you at the pub that night and I’m really glad that I wrote down your website. It’s really amazing. Everything you’ve done is incredibly inspirational. I hope to read your book soon! Can I still get a signed copy one day? or will I have to pay more? In the meantime, I’ll keep looking at the extracts and pictures!

    How was your bungee jump? I hope the rest of your travels are going well. And I also hope your surgery goes smoothly and that you’ll be travelling in no time!

    Maybe our paths will cross again someday. Until then, thanks for being you. You rock.

    Daniel Kim

  4. Tony!

    It was great to meet you when you were on Prince Edward Island! We met at Church Hill Arms Pub during saturday afternoon triva. We have pictures for you. How can we send them to you? We loved hearing your travel stories and now your website pictures really bring those stories to life fo us.

    Your Amazing Bud!!!!

  5. Tony,

    Your ebsite s errific and cedit o ou. It ertainly rflects your dventruesome pirit nd rist or travel.

    Loo orward o aring about your upcoming capers in which ver untry yu nxt choose.


  6. heya toni, it s nicola, could u please give me ur e mail addrerss again? I wrote u but apparently to an incorrect address..


  7. Tony – whenever you are home again, ring me and I will come up one Saturday and help you find that gadget you e-mailed me about – I got a week off work next week, but you have flitted off again somewhere – I am so jealous of your travels, especially having just read your Iceland adventure, speak to you soon mister love Kerry (Swindon) xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Tony.

    I work for Hostelling International in Iceland, would it be OK if I linked to your blog in a news item on our website,, so our past and future visitors could read about your experience of Iceland?

    I hope you are enjoying your current travels,

    Ásta Kristín

  9. Hi Tony,

    I’m from a spanish TV, specifically a program aimed at deaf people. Could contact us for a possible story? Thanks

  10. Hey Tony,

    How’s it going? I’m glad you finally got your Iceland exploits up there. Whilst going through my pics this evening, I found a couple of us eating at the fish restaurant in Reykjavik with the Swedish waitresses. Let me know if you would like them for your site.

    All the best,

    [the Scottish guy]

  11. Hello, I am also Deafblind. Your travels are very impressive. I’ve also done a bit of travelling when I was younger as well as Bungee jumping. I hope your books get published.

  12. hey mate,
    awesome meeting you, learnt a lot from ya. keep up your attitude and, you can and will, go and do whatever you want.
    good luck with everything mate.
    your a champion
    sweet photos also

    stay in touch

  13. tony, let me know how your getting on.

    ill be in touch soon – let you know if im gonna come down to the big morroc.

    miss you man.

    if your with ali and the crazy sweed at the mo – kick em in the balls for me.


    C xx

  14. Hola guapoooooo!!!! how´s it going?? I hope you got home safely and everything is allright. Here in Sevilla everything is still the same, Loretta is working in the bar, still drunk from yesterday, Marco is cooking crazy mexican pasta (which is pasta with everything you can find) and I am at reception trying not to fall asleep. I hope you still have the little pig and that it brings you more luck the rest of the year than for the first days. take care, andrea

  15. Toni!!!
    Que pasa amigo!!!
    Just wirtting to say hi. Me and Pierre Lluvie, the monkey, are going to miss U.
    Keep in touch

  16. Hola guapo!

    this is just to keep the word I gave you near the Cathedral in Barcelona: that I would leave a message on your website. Meeting you on Christmas Day in front of the biggest cathedral you have ever been in cannot have been just a coincidence. I was touched and honoured to have you by my side – it just made my Christmas day. I had never seen so much around me before. Being with you made me more aware of things – I guess the real blind are the ones who pass past the same tree day by day without being aware of it.

    Happy New Year, Tony!:D

    Irina-the-Romanian and Manu-the-Spaniard

  17. Mr.gills
    Its me regie your driver in srilanka,hope you had a great time over here,i had a great time doing the tour,wanted to check that you reached your home safely,if you have time reply 2 my mail address ( ).Thank you

  18. Tony,

    Hilarious, you’ve done all this travelling and you still live in brum!!! I think you are the only person I have met that moved from Weston to Brum!!
    You still owe me for my Mexican chiropractor!!!! I still look in pain on that photo! Never forget bumping into you a couple of months later in the US. As I said at the time you came in very handy for getting to the front of taxi queues!!Hahahaha.
    Great web site but stop threatening to come and visit and do it, what are you worried by the travel hahahahah!!!
    Have a great time in Sri Lanka I know you will and say hello to the Bullring for me!

    Proud of you mate


  19. Hey Tony!

    Wow, ive just browsed through your website and am blown away by your adventures and am reminiscing about our good long chats at good old canadiana vbackpackers in toronto!!! cant wanit till you come to australia and heres to hoping our paths will cross again!

    take care

    Giselle Wansa

  20. Tony! Great to see photos of your tour around Iceland. How did you meet Bjorn and Brian? Bumped into them? Typical Danish guys – always hanging out at good bars :)

  21. Hello Tony!!!

    What an amazing thing you are doing with your life! All your travels are inspiring and your spirit for life and the experiences it has to offer is beautiful. I enjoyed meeting you in Iceland and feel fortunate to of heard some of your stories.

    Thank you for sharing your website. I look forward to reading your books! If your journeys take you to NYC please let me know!!


  22. Tony,
    Wonderful website!!! I am totally blown away by the response you’ve gotten here. Even though we’ve been friends for almost seven years now, you never cease to amaze me. I am looking forward to reading the first book.

  23. Tony Tony Tony,

    Well, where are you now?

    Iceland was amazing, i’m certainly returning next year. It was fantastic to meet you. I’ve trawled your site, read about all your adventures and stories, i’m truly envious, and astonished by your travels. I eagerly await your written account of Iceland. Anyway, i’ve subscribed to your blog and will keep track of your progress.

    My bestest regards.


  24. Hi Tony, I hope you had a great time in Iceland and here’s a cliche..I think it’s amazing you travel all world on your own! Havent’ read all off your stories yet, will do will do! Maybe well meet again in the world sometimes ? Panama next summer!

    takk, Gin

  25. Hi Tony! It’s Elizabeth, your friendly horseback riding tour guide. I often rant about you to other tourists who are panicked or generally insecure (or not!) and often think about your awesome adventures.
    I’m enjoying the travel pictures and book extracts on your website. Looking forward to seeing the Iceland images!
    All the best,

  26. Hi Tony, Luke – that poof from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

    Hope you had a good time, and it was lovely to cross paths with you that day. It’s cool to se that you just get on with it, like your approach.
    Did you get the towel back??!!

    Wherever you are now, all the best with the transplant.
    Keep in touch mate –


  27. Hi Tony,

    It’s been a long while since we last spoke. Hope you are fine and dandy and cultivating a good brum accent. Saw the your coverage in the local press recently about your latest adventures. Your good old mum said that I should drop you a line, so here it is.

    Still slogging away at Woodspring, running the Hospital Information Service. Was hoping to go to New Zealand to visit Fiona this year but that will have to wait so we can save up some more pennies. Managed a week on Exmoor camping and walking this summer and long weekends in Brighton.

    How’s the course going?

    Next time you are in the Weston super mud drop us line and we can try and meet up for a drink.

    Take Care


  28. Anth,
    Congrats on the web site and your books, i see your keeping most of the stories clean, im sure we can share some of the more ‘interesting’ ones soon at a family get together, keep on travelling, im off on a rally over xmas – plymouth to Dakar (passing through an unexploded mine field en route).
    Ben, T, K, C and Dexter (new addition to the family).

  29. Hi Tony

    What a wonderful website. it makes me want to give up the ratrace and travel.

    I look forward to reading your first book.

    Take Care

    Love Gail

  30. Tony, I have sent your site to the travel magazine Wanderlust, lets hope they get in touch with you……….

    Love Kerry

    PS – Happy Birthday for the 6th September x

  31. Hi Tony – I am a friend of your Mum’s here in Weston Super Mare and she emailed your Web address to me.
    Tony I am so very impressed with it that I had to tell you how much I admire you
    You are a medicine to people who have no ‘get up and go.
    You are so very couragious WELL DONE -no wonder that your Mum is so proud of you
    Good Luck
    Di Evans

  32. Phenomenal Website Tony
    But with you, I expect nothing else!
    It’s been 9 years of amazement…you can’t surprise me anymore.
    Bachelors, Masters, PhD, OBE, MBE, CEO of the Universe!
    With you, there are no limits, no boundaries and nothing stops you.
    Keep on rocking Tony the Traveller
    Love Kerry

  33. Hi Tony,

    I work in your home, Weston-super-Mare, and now work as a journalist in the area.
    I wondered if you would mind sending me a email to talk about doing an interview soon? I think people would love to hear of your adventures since you grew up in our humble town.
    Look forward to speaking to you Tony.

  34. Hi Tony,

    I really enjoyed browsing your website and am highly impressed with your story.

    I wonder if you would consider doing an interview with Backpacker magazine? I think your story would be very inspirational for our readers.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, (at my email address listed above)

    Claire Murphy
    Editor, Backpacker Magazine

  35. Dear Tony,
    congratulation to your website, it is amazing what you can achieve. We are happy and proud to be your friends and neighbours as well. Love and kisses Ingrid and Jan.
    PS: We wish you all the best in completting your dreams.

  36. Tony,
    I have heard many tales of your travels from my friend Kerry. You are an inspiration, keep it up!
    Good luck!
    Debbie, Wiltshire, UK

  37. Hey Tony,

    Great site! It only seemed like yesterday that we were on that Navmag ship in Chile. Was such a pleasure to meet you then and to still be in contact hearing about the rest of your travels.

    Keep up the inspiration tales!

  38. Great web site. Love the photos. Although I am Tony’s Mum, and therefore slightly biased, I do think Tony is an amazing person and am so very very proud of him. May he continue to see the world his way – what other way is there???
    Lovely to read all the comments from Tony’s friends.
    Aileen Milsom

  39. Tony, a fantastic site – and fond memories of New Zealand!!!! I was fortunate enough to be chatted up by Tony in a bar in New Zealand – the rest is history, and still keep in touch today! A great guy, I am jealous of your travels Tony!

  40. Tony – Baby,
    So, when are we sailing on the Wannsee and riding horses in Hoppegarten? Looking forward to debauching at my new flat in Savignyplatz,
    I remain,
    Yours in adventure, cash flow and debauchery,
    Frau Hauck

  41. Hello Tony.
    Great job. Very nice your website.
    When will I see you again in Brazil? I hope soon…
    Thanks for share precious moments with us.

    Best regards, keep in touch,

    Rodrigo, from Brazil

  42. Great job Tony! I love the web page…It’s about time you share with the world your pearls of wisdom. Had the great pleasure to encounter Tony on one of his travels and luckier even, because he came back and visited me again.

    Tony is the most interesting traveler I have yet to meet..and I have met many.

    XXOO always in my dreams ..


  43. Hey tony!!

    Nice one. I like the weppage. The only thing I think is missing are our photos from terra del fuego. Is the a other place where I could find them??
    With you everthing you need for the next adventure.
    stay in touch

    your patagonien friend