• Tony sliding along a zip wire in San Gil, Colombia, December 2012.
    Welcome to the exciting website of Tony Giles – blind world traveller and writer.

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My Books

I have written and published two Ebooks about my world adventures.

Seeing the World My Way book cover. The cover shows Tony illuminated under a bus shelter with the surroundings in semi-darkness.

Seeing The World My Way

Published in 2010 and re-published as an Ebook in 2017.

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Seeing The Americas My Way book cover. The cover shows Tony in front of a 'Stone Tree' ( Arbol de Piedra) in the Siloli desert of south-west Bolivia.

Seeing The Americas My Way

Ebook published September 2016.

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My ebooks are travel biographies of the observations and experiences of a blind man as he travels around the world having crazy adventures. The first instalment, Seeing the World My Way, describes my early journeys: out for adventure but consumed by alcohol as a method for dealing with my disabilities.

My second ebook, Seeing the Americas My Way, is a more sober, yet more emotional tale. It highlights my challenges of confronting personal issues whilst travelling.


Videos at Pulang Bato Falls, Dumaguete, Negros Island, Philippines (5th February 2019)

This is the first video at Pulang Bato (Red Rock) Falls, near Dumaguete City, in the south part of Negros Island, central Philippines. It’s an easy waterfall to reach by motorbike and has easy access down concrete steps and rocks. Crossing the river to get closer to the falls is slightly tricky, as the rocks are slippery, but not really difficult. There are few people on a weekday and the sound of the falls is wonderful. The smell from the nearby hot springs is strong! A very close-up view and audio of this wonderful waterfall. Tony crossed the river with help, slipping on boulders and rocks, but it was worth it for the view and sound :). This is what travelling is all about!

Blog post / A load of interesting links! (1st February 2019)

Dear all travellers and followers, please find a bunch of recent links of my documentaries, articles, interviews and where to buy and download my travel Ebooks. I hope the links work, for you all to watch, plus links to my Ebooks. Enjoy, thanks, Tony :)

‘Hole in the Rock’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8h55_t_CGY Zorbing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5INd8xcWTf8
Songhoy Blues and organiser Toumani Diabat Amazon – http://amzn.eu/5Pw5lV4 Apple –

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Tony at Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu Island, Philippines (28th January 2019)

Tony, blind, crazy, world traveller, in the pool with locals, at Kawasan Falls near the town of Badian on the south coast of Cebu Island, Vasayas, Central Philippines. The sound of the 60 metre waterfall plunging down the mountain into the pool is exhilarating!

Annaba music (23rd December 2018)

A local singer/guitarist performing in a downtown cafe in Annaba, northeast Algeria on a late Tuesday afternoon, Tony and other locals in attendance.

Rocking in Constantine, Algeria (21st December 2018)

I’m rocking in Constantine, a great place, lovely people. Saw/heard two great bands tonight. I’ll share photos and videos on Saturday when I have a better wifi connection! That should wet your appetites! Cheers, Tony :)

Video – ancient Roman city of Tipasa, Algeria (19th December 2018)

Tony at the ancient Roman city of Tipasa, an hour’s drive west of Algiers, capital of Algeria. The old ruins, which include a theatre, amphitheatre, basilicas and bathhouses, lie above the shore on Algeria’s Mediterranean coast. Watch and hear the sound of the sea pounding the rocks below!

More videos here.

In Algeria (14th December 2018)

Tony is now in Algiers, capital of Algeria, North Africa. This is Tony 115th country on the UN’s list of sovereign countries and 133rd visited on Tony’s own list of nations. More updates coming soon, so stay tuned and keep watching and read. Thanks for following, Tony :).

TEDx Vienna Conference 2018 video (5th December 2018)

I hope this finds you well. Please find below the long awaited video of my TEDx Vienna talk on Simplexity that occurred in Austria on 19th October.

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