After leaving Brașov, I headed to Sighișoara, another historical Saxon town. I stayed in a hotel near the train/bus station although the staff didn’t speak any English! An afternoon was spent exploring the historical citadel with its clock tower, which I climbed. There is also a Germanic church from 1298 and wooden covered stairs which eventually lead to a church on the hill.

My next destination was Cluj. The bus for some reason was gone so I took a very slow and hot train to Cluj-Napoca,

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The Romanian people are some of the loveliest and kindest people I’ve met on my global travels. Despite the occasional asshole, which every country has, the people are generally warm, kind, helpful and generous. I’ve met a lovely family in Brasov. Stephan, who worked at one of the hostels, where I stayed showed me a little of the city, took photos for me and bought me apple pie on more than one occasion. He introduced me to his beautiful Daughter Andrea and wife,

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Update from Romania

After leaving Bucharest, I headed far west on a 12 hour bus journey to Timisoara, in far west Transylvania. I had a lovely three day stay eating ciorba – traditional soup – delicious. Two lovely ladies, one named Andreea and another, Loradana looked after me and Andreea even showed me around some of the university city. I visited the Revolution Museum with a local guy I met on the street and he took photos.

Next I headed to Alba Lulia for a couple of nights,

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So, the trip has begun. I’m in Bucharest, capital of Romania. It’s my 92nd country and so far very interesting!

After taking an eighteen hour bus from Athens, Greece and passing through the whole of Greece, 10 hours, and all of Bulgaria, 6 hours, I finally arrived at 2 am in a cool and quiet Bucharest. A taxi driver dropped me at the Midland Youth Hostel, which is opposite the French embassy and only slightly short changed me! 

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