Update from Romania

After leaving Bucharest, I headed far west on a 12 hour bus journey to Timisoara, in far west Transylvania. I had a lovely three day stay eating ciorba – traditional soup – delicious. Two lovely ladies, one named Andreea and another, Loradana looked after me and Andreea even showed me around some of the university city. I visited the Revolution Museum with a local guy I met on the street and he took photos.

Next I headed to Alba Lulia for a couple of nights, Romania’s largest fortified medieval city. A small apartment style hostel more like a museum with old objects from the Second World War and from the mountains. Now I’m in Sibiu, the best preserved medieval town in Romania. A capital city of culture in 2007. It’s basically a large square surrounded by old buildings dating from the 13th to 19th century. The Liar’s Bridge and Council Tower are the most noticeable buildings of note.

Heading to Brasov tomorrow for 4 days of more history and sightseeing. I am fine and have survived my attack in Bucharest. The Romanian people are lovely helpful and kind.

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