The Romanian people are some of the loveliest and kindest people I’ve met on my global travels. Despite the occasional asshole, which every country has, the people are generally warm, kind, helpful and generous. I’ve met a lovely family in Brasov. Stephan, who worked at one of the hostels, where I stayed showed me a little of the city, took photos for me and bought me apple pie on more than one occasion. He introduced me to his beautiful Daughter Andrea and wife, Verica. We spent a couple of delightful evenings walking in the park and around the historical areas – chatting, sharing. Fantastic experience. I’ve made true friends. Travelling on a local bus from Brasov to Bran in search of Dracula on another occasion, I met a lovely Romanian man. We fell into conversation and ended up sharing a coffee and he even escorted me around Bran castle, taking photos and explaining some of the exhibits. He was most interested in how a blind man ‘Sees the world’! I’m now in Sighisoara another medieval Saxon town. Soon to head to Cluj, the largest city in Transylvania and a student hub.

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