Videos of Tony travelling on a rickshaw in Pakistan (3rd May 2022)

Tony and a fellow traveller from France riding a local rickshaw (inexpensive motorised three-wheeled transport) through the busy streets of Sehwan. A small city in the central area of Sindh Province of Pakistan.
Tony still on his rickshaw adventure through the chaotic streets of Sehwan to a famous Sufi shrine. The traffic is energetic to say the least!
Tony in more chaotic traffic. This time in the large, historic city of Multan – City of Saints. Multan is located in southern Punjab Province, which takes up most of east Pakistan. Tony experienced the city with two travellers he met during his journey in Pakistan.

Tony listening to a musical spiritual performance at Harappa (18th March 2022)

Tony listening to a musical spiritual performance to a saintly shrine at the ancient ruins of Harappa – a former Bronze age settlement. A man is singing whilst playing two traditional drums. The entrance to the peaceful shrine can be seen in the video.

Tony in Thar Desert, east Sindh, Pakistan! (14th March 2022)

Tony in Thar Desert, east Sindh, Pakistan!
I’m beginning to walk/slide down a large sand dune or sand hill in the huge Thar Desert, located 3 hours east of Hyderabad, Sindh Province, Pakistan. My friend Zuhaib and I are attempting to walk our way back down the big sand dune having just hiked/stumbled up it! Well, actually, I was pulled up most of the way by Zuhaib! :). We had great fun and it was a tremendous challenge :). You can hear Zuhaib laughing all the way down :) Enjoy, Tony.

Tony trying to milk Cow! (14th March 2022)

This video shows me at 7am on a warm morning in a small village, near the Sindh town of Djudo, roughly 3 hours from Hyderabad, at my Couchsurfing friend’s family farm! I’m attempting to milk a cow. As the video clearly shows, I’m not having much success, judging by the amusement of my friend and his lovely family :).

Tony in Karachi, Pakistan (3rd March 2022)

Tony in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city. He is stood on the side of a busy road, listening to traffic wizz by outside the birthplace house of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of, and first president of Pakistan.
Tony with more heavy traffic speeding by. This time near the entrance to the beautiful park and mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, first Pakistan President, known as the Mazar-e-Quaid. Located in the Jamshed quarters of Central Karachi.

Two more videos from Libya (2nd February 2022)

Here are two more videos from Tony’s visit to Libya in December.

This is Tony’s final joyride in the wonderful sandy Sahara Desert near Ghadames, Libya. Tony is having tremendous fun :). Unlike beach sand, which is sticky and wet, desert sand just slides straight off and leaves no stickiness. I could have stayed in the Sahara for much longer.
Tony standing, listening to the crashing waves of the Mediterranean Sea hitting the beach near where the ancient ruins of Leptis Magna lie in Libya. Located about a two-hour drive east of Tripoli, Libya’s capital, the ruins of a large settlement of both Carthaginian and Roman cultures is a vast complex, roughly one third of which, has been excavated.

Another video of Tony rolling the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert (2nd January 2022)

This is part 2 of Tony rolling the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert near the historical city of Ghadames in Libya on a fun afternoon in December. An amazing, thrilling experience. See the sand fly, hear the shrieking of the wind and Tony and his Canadian travel companion shouting and laughing :). What fun :)

Tony in Libya (14th December 2021)

Tony and his guide, Abubaker, viewing nearby mountains in the distance, roughly 1.5 hours drive from Tripoli, capital and largest city of Libya. It’s a sunny day. Tony was helped over large rocks with loose stones to the viewing area. This viewpoint is not far from a historic stone granary. 12th December 2021
Tony in the UNESCO Old town of Ghadames, south Libya, 13th December 2021. Tony is emerging from one of the covered walkways/passages from the old walled town of Ghadames, an ancient Berba town into the gardens or allotments. Tony’s guide, Abubaker, a Libyan national is the one giving the description. Tony is on a five day organised tour. It’s the only way Libya can be visited by tourists at present.
Tony enjoying sand dune rough ride in Sahara Desert, 13th December 2021. Tony, along with a Canadian tourist and two Libyan guides, are enjoying an afternoon of rough riding over the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert in southern Libya, near the small city of Ghadames. The windows are down and Tony and his Canadian companion can be heard whooping and shouting! The hair-raising bumpy and bouncy experience is like riding a roller-coaster!

Tony listening to a live band in Tunis, Tunisia, 9th December 2021 (12th December 2021)

Heard this live Tunisian band, a mixture of rock and Arab music on the main street of Tunis, capital and largest city of Tunisia, North Africa. The band were finishing their set when Tony and a friend he was with, came across them. Enjoy the music!

Tony on American blind guy’s Youtube channel (13th October 2021)

Hey everyone who follows this page. I wanted to share this: Today I did an interview about travelling blind on Anthony Parker’s Youtube channel, blind host and musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We talked about travelling blind. Check it out here. Have a great day, evening and night. Thanks, Tony :). Who is Tony Giles, The Blind Traveller?
— Tony Giles blind solo traveller and public speaker. Author of new eBook: Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way ISBN 9781839781544 I’m Fund raising for Galloway’s Society for the Blind, a charity that supports blind and visually impaired people throughout the northwest of England. my challenge: to raise £3,850 or more. Half for Galloway’s to support their fine work and half to send me to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru in April or October 2022 and show what blind people can do. My Go fund me page:

Places to visit – Maisy Battery (8th October 2021)

Tony is a WWII buff! He has visited and really likes Maisy Battery, a Second World War artillery battery located in Normandy, France.

Fundraising for Galloway (3rd October 2021)

I’m fundraising for Galloway’s Society for the Blind, a charity that
supports blind and visually impaired people throughout the northwest
of England.

My challenge: to raise £3,850 or more. Most for Galloway’s to support
their fine work and the rest to send me to hike the Inca Trail to
Machu Picchu, Peru in April or October 2022 and show what blind people
can do.

My GoFundMe page:

Latest travel update. (1st October 2021)

I’ve just returned from two wonderful weeks of travelling around part of Denmark with my beautiful Greek girlfriend, Tatiana – who is also totally blind. We had a fantastic time visiting various places in Copenhagen, Denmark’s chaotic and relaxed Capital before visiting other historical cities. This included Helsingor at the top of the island of Zealand, with its wonderful (Hamlet) Kronborg Castle – a UNESCO Site. A short train journey took us to Roskild with it’s famous Viking Ship Museum, before continuing to Odense, home of famous fairy tail writer, Hans Christian Andersen. Finally, we walked the many cobbled streets of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, on Jutland, which boasts the country’s longest and highest cathedral. We had help from so many lovely, kind and warm Danish people and tasted many different foods. These included: Smørrebrød (open sandwich),with various toppings, The rød pølse (red sausage), usually served inside a fresh bun with ketchup and/or mustard on top. On our second evening in the country, we were invited to a friend’s home to sample the now popular national dish, Stegt flæsk med persillesovs – a pork based meal! Our final evening was spent in the enjoyable company of a Danish blind friend, Robin Cocks, who works as a presenter and interviewer for several Danish radio stations. He’s about to embark on a journey around Uganda and make a film documentary. We met in Vivaldi Cafe, a notable restaurant chain located throughout Denmark. It’s quite an expensive establishment, but serves fresh and tasty food. Now Tatiana and I are back in Athens, Greece. I will stay here for a few more weeks then return to England to plan my next trips. Happy travels, Tony :).

Tony on the Tell Me Where to Go Podcast (30th September 2021)

Tony on the Super Seven Series of the Tell Me Where to Go Podcast with
Steve Collins, Travel Correspondent/Podcast Producer & Presenter,
Perth, Australia.

Available from these websites:

Tony in Denmark (23rd September 2021)

Tony listening to the wonderful sound of falling water from a large bowl-shaped fountain on Skomagergade (Shoemakers Street) in the centre of the Denmark city of Roskilde. It’s an ancient city on the west side of the island of Zealand. Roughly 30 km (20 miles) west of Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. It’s a late sunny afternoon. The large fountain has two bowls, the large one where Tony is standing and a smaller one above where water is cascading off. A lovely sight and sound.
A man playing an accordion on a street near Tivoli Gardens, central Copenhagen. Taken by Tony on 20th September 2021.

The Unravelling Travelling Podcast (30th August 2021)

Here’s a short clip of Tony being interviewed by Li and Ben, two English travellers, for the Unravelling Travelling Podcast

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Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way (14th June 2021)

A reminder that Tony’s third ebook Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way is available now. – –
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Tony on Dear Future Grandkids show (26th May 2021)

Tony, interview for the Dear Future Grandkids show, based in South and East Asia. It was live on 22nd May 2021. A fun and light-hearted show.

Videos from a visit to the Roman Baths, Bath, England (21st May 2021)

Tony listening to the Hot spring (Sacred spring) at the ancient Roman Baths in the city of Bath, Southwest England, 18th May 2021.
Another video of Tony with his mum at the wonderful Hot spring at the Roman Baths, Bath, England. This natural hot spring heated the baths and pools at this ancient temple complex for bathers and worshippers who bathed naked and relaxed and meditated in various small hot pools and swam in and relaxed around the Great Bath, which back then, was roofed. The sound of the hot spring and the warmth of its temperature is delightful.

There are also photos here:

That Blind Lad’s Podcast (26th April 2021)

Tony talks with two fellow blind and partially deaf friends, Jamie and John, in this new podcast.

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