Elephant Interaction (30th March 2020)

Tony is having an elephant interaction at the Elephant Cafe near the Zambezi River, near Livingstone, Zambia on Sunday, 22nd March 2020. These large males were rescued from Zimbabwe several years ago during a big drought. Tony and his Zambian friend, Ethan are feeding the elephants natural plant material that they would find and eat in the wild. Their trunks are full of strong muscles and they suck in their food before putting it in their mouth. Elephants eat up to 16 hours per day. Feeding, touching and being with them was a magical experience! :)

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Tony in a traditional canoe (mokoro) (18th March 2020)

Tony in a mokoro (traditional canoe) in the Okavango Delta, near Maun, Botswana.

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Botswana (18th March 2020)

At present, I’m travelling around lovely Botswana. Country 125. Hot weather and kind, friendly people. Cheers, Tony :).

Now in Gaborone, capital of Botswana (9th March 2020)

Dear all friends and followers, hope everyone is well. I’m now in Gaborone, capital of Botswana – country 125! It’s much warmer and dryer than the UK here! Relaxing in nice surroundings, birds chattering outside.

My trip began with a long flight to Joburg, South Africa, where I stayed with a lovely South African guy, Niel for a night. The following day it was an 8 hour bus ride to Botswana. People were friendly, kind and helped me cross the border, I didn’t even have to leave the bus! Immigration staff came to me! A Botswanian lady kindly helped me change money and 40 minutes after departing the border, I was in Botswana’s sprawling capital. I’m staying in a nearby village with a lovely lady from Zimbabwe.
I head north in a couple of days and begin exploring the nature. Warmest wishes to one and all, Tony the Traveller. Happy to be travelling again!

A park close to Randburg, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Tony is with Niel, his South African couchsurfing host, and Yurika from Japan.
A park close to Randburg, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Tony is with Niel, his South African couchsurfing host, and Yurika from Japan. Taken on the afternoon of 5th March.
Cows wondering by a road, near Gaborone Town, capital of Botswana. They seem to wander where they want! Taken on afternoon of 7th March.
Cows wondering by a road, near Gaborone Town, capital of Botswana. They seem to wander where they want! Taken on the afternoon of 7th March.

Interview at Travel Festival Leipzig (26th February 2020)

Check out this interview Tony did with a German journalist, Yvonne, when in Leipzig back in January.

Travel interview and update. (20th January 2020)

Hi all travellers and followers. Here’s an Interview I did at the end of December 2019 with Steve Colins, Travel Correspondent for Radio 6PR, Perth, Australia. That also has links to Galloways Society for the Blind, the charity I’m raising money fore, and my GoFundMe page: Enjoy the interview and please share . I think you’ll find it amusing and fascinating! Happy travels, from a cold Dresden, east Germany. Thanks, Tony :).

Travels update (15th January 2020)

Sorry for being uncommunicative for a while, been very ill. Back on the road again now! Heading to Gatwick Airport to spend a few hours napping before flying to Berlin. One day in the lovely, friendly German capital, before a train to Leipzig for an appearance at the Travel Festival Leipzig 2020. I’m speaking on Saturday, 18th January between 4-5 pm German time. Can’t wait. First time in Leipzig, should be fun. Will there be snow?! Anyone in or around Leipzig on 18th January please come along and buy a ticket and support a great and fascinating travel festival! I’ll even sign an autograph or two if asked! Looking forward to talking about travel: blindstyle! Cheers to one and all. Happy travels and New Year, Tony :).
— Tony Giles blind solo traveller and public speaker. Fund raising for Galloways Society for the Blind, northwest England. Challenge: to raise £3,850 or more to send me to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru in October 2020. Go fund me page:

Out tonight! (31st December 2019)

Happy New Years Eve everyone. Tatiana and I going to find live music tonight in Zaragoza, northern Spain… Maybe rock, maybe blues, maybe Jazz! That’s the way to bring in 2020! Have a good one dear friends and followers. Cheers, Tony :)
— Tony Giles blind solo traveller and public speaker. Fund raising for Galloways Society for the Blind, northwest England. Challenge: to raise £3,850 or more to send me to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru in October 2020. Go fund me page:

Please donate – Tony is raising money for Galloways Society for the Blind by hiking the Inca Trail in Peru (16th December 2019)

In October 2020 I will embark upon my biggest challenge to date – hike the famous Inca Trail of Machu Picchu in Peru! Four days of serious hiking at altitude! My reason for undertaking this? Not only because it is a magnificent adventure and test of my own body and fitness, but more importantly, to raise money for Galloways Society for the Blind. A charity based in Preston England, helping and supporting blind and visually impaired people throughout the Lancashire region to live their lives as independently as possible.

Please could you help me reach my goal of £3,850? One half will go to Galloways so they can continue their great community work of supporting blind and visually impaired people, whilst the other half is to fund my trip to Machu Pichu, the hike and challenge of a lifetime.

For more details and to donate go here:

Video: Tony Entering Haiti (23rd November 2019)

Tony on a moto taxi along with Jonas, Tony’s couchsurfing host from Germany. Leaving the chaotic border in north Haiti. Bouncing over rough roads with noise and chaos all around! What an adventure.

Tony Paragliding above Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic (15th November 2019)

Tony Paragliding above Jarabacoa.
Tony having a brief chat in Spanish with his local instructor, having just landed after a scintillating paragliding experience over mountainous Jarabacoa, central Dominican Republic. This is one of the cooler places in this magnificent Caribbean island.

Video: Jimenoa Waterfall (7th November 2019)

Tony standing at the edge of a large pool full of cold water. The pool is created by the crashing waters of Salto Jemenoa (Jimenoa Waterfall) in Jarabacoa. A mountainous town in central Dominican Republic. This delightful waterfall, reached by hiking down a steep and muddy trail with many switchbacks, through dense forest, reaches a height of approximately 35 metres. The sound is wonderful.

Country 124 (4th November 2019)

Tony now in Haiti, country 124 on the official UN list.
— Tony Giles blind solo traveller, author of Ebooks:
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Giving a Little Talk! (22nd October 2019)

Gave a talk at Northampton Associated for the Blind today at their AGM in Northampton, East Middlands. Met some interesting people and had an excellent time :). I love talking about my travels; showing people what can be done and achieved with a little help and a positive mindset. Hope everyone is having a great and/or productive day. I realise life can be difficult and challenging at times, but together, with help from each other, we can cope. Simply breathing in a little fresh air each morning can often be enough. I do appreciate I am a lucky person, able to travel the world :). Hopefully my travel stories inspire people to have a go at achieving their own goals and desires. Please continue to tell all your friends, family, and strangers you meet, work colleagues etc to buy and download my amazing travel Ebooks: Seeing The World My Way Seeing The Americas My Way Available from Amazon and all other Ebook websites. They will make someone laugh and brighten their day, if nothing else. I thank you in advance. Next stop, Dominican Republic. Cheers, Tony :).

Now in beautiful Turkey (2nd October 2019)

First video taken of Duden Falls. This is the lower falls. Lower Duden Waterfall is 8 km from Antalya city centre, close to Karpuzkaldiran Beach on the way to Lara. Duden Creek creates this marvelous waterfall and its drop height is greater than the upper waterfall, falling from about 40 m into the sea in amazing water clouds. A spectacular sound. Enjoy.
Duden Upper Falls, approximately 15 km east of Antalya in southwest Turkey. Taken 31st September 2019.

Interview with DiElle, a musician and singer (2nd September 2019)

Tony The Traveller…

Beautiful Monday #28 with Tony the Traveller"Blind trust…."#BeautifulMonday

Posted by DiElle on Monday, 26 August 2019
Here’s a facebook interview I did with a friend who’s a musician. It was done in London a few weeks ago when on my way to Greece.

Ethiopia videos (29th July 2019)

Here are two more videos from Tony’s visit to Ethiopia in April.

Tony is feeding birds with fish on the banks of Lake Zway in Ethiopia. This is one of Ethiopia’s many Rift Valley lakes. Tony is surrounded by a group of local boys, plus several cows. It’s a peaceful scene with nature all around. The city of Awasa is close by.
Tony stuck in dense traffic in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. Honking horns, car fumes, etc.!

Faces Behind the Screen interview (9th July 2019)

New website interview:

Canada trip (27th June 2019)

Still enjoying diverse places of Canada. In Yellowknife at present. Capital of the Northwest Territories. Heading to Vancouver next. Thanks for following, Tony :).

BBC Travel Show part 2 reminder (14th June 2019)

A reminder that the second part of Tony’s BBC Travel Show documentary will be shown this weekend.

In the second part of a Travel Show special from Ethiopia, Tony Giles, a blind and almost deaf backpacker, visits Lalibela, the cradle of Christian orthodox Christianity in Africa. He visits the world – famous rock hewn underground churches and gets the chance to take part in a colourful and moving Orthodox lent service. It is here that Tony begins his own spiritual journey, questioning his own disability and why his own lack of sight and sound has driven him to travel the world.

Blind and deaf traveller plays drums in Ethiopia

"One of my biggest loves is music, I've always loved music because I can connect with it. I don't need to see, I don't even need to hear with music, I can feel the rhythm". Blind and deaf traveller Tony Giles enjoys an impromptu drumming session while visiting the Ethiopian town of Shashamane – home to a vibrant Rastafarian community originally nurtured by Emperor Haile Selassie – on his latest adventure with BBC Travel Show. Showing on BBC World News Friday (21:30 GMT), Saturday (02:30 Latin and North America only, 04:30, 14:30 and 19:30), or available on BBC News Saturday (05:30, 10:30), Sunday (01:30, 13:30) Catch the episode on BBC iPlayer here (UK only):

Posted by BBC Travel Show on Friday, 14 June 2019
Preview clip.

BBC News
Saturday 15th June at 05:30, 10:30
Sunday 16th June at 01:30, 13:30

Also available on iPlayer after broadcast.

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