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Welcome to the exciting website of Tony Giles – blind world travel extraordinaire.

Tony on the shore of Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, CanadaTony on the shore of Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada.

I am a young person, totally blind and 80% deaf in both ears without my hearing aids. I also had a successful kidney transplant in December 2008. Yet I have visited all seven of the World’s continents. I have completed the goal of visiting all fifty states of the USA. I have also crossed the Arctic Circle, visited every country in South America, and all 10 Canadian provinces.

I originate from Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol, in the South West of England. At present I live in Teignmouth, Devon.

I have written several books about my world adventures. The books are travel diaries of the observations and experiences of a blind man as he travels around the world.

Other languages: Español, Italiano

What’s New (9th April 2014)

Tony at his publishers, SilverWood Books, holding the braille edition of his first book Seeing The World My Way.

Travel writing

A new mini-site has been created dedicated to my travel writing: Tony Giles – Blind Author and Travel Writer.

Seeing The World My Way, the first in a trilogy of travel biographies, was published in October 2010. I plan to self-publish my second book, travels in north-south America, later this year.


Back in England (26th March 2014)

Tony is now back in England after travels in Cyprus with Tatiana and Spain, Andorra, France and Monaco by himself.

Tony plans to team up with his girlfriend Tatiana at end of April and head to Turkey together.

Update (4th January 2014)

Tony is now in Athens, Greece until 29th January.

Ethiopia to Kenya (13th December 2013)

Tony has very recently crossed into Ethiopia at the border with Kenya. It was a difficult and somewhat dangerous crossing, what with a tribal conflict occurring at the Kenyan side and Tony and other travellers having to use illegal transport and mountain tracks to enter Ethiopia. This is Tony’s 88th country visited.

New blog post (25th November 2013)

Read Tony’s latest blog post from Kenya here.

Update from Jinja, Uganda (13th November 2013)

Tony is now in Jinja, Uganda, the activity capital of East Africa. Before Jinja he was in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. He visited an orphanage and bought beans and posho to make porridge, for 600 kids! Tony has just bungee jumped into the River Nile and got his head wet! 44 metres, 145 feet bungee over the worlds longest river. The day before, Tony and Meddy, a lovely young guy from Jinja visited the source of the Nile, where it meets Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. Tony is heading to Nkuru, Kenya tomorrow.

Photos added HERE.

Uganda, country 86 (7th November 2013)

Tony is now in Uganda, country 86. After entering into Kisoro from Rwanda, he’s visited the Rwensori Mountains where he camped for 2 nights and did a day hike. Then he visited Queen Elizabeth National Park for a boat ride with hippos, crocodiles and buffalo for company! Tony has just arrived in Fort Portal and is going to Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve on Enfusi Community Campsite.

Rwanda (2nd November 2013)

Tony has just left Rwanda after five wonderful days in that gentle country. He is now in Kisoro, far western Uganda. He is about to head into the mountains.

Tony spent a couple of days in Gitarama, south central Rwanda and did a Azizi Life Experience Tour. This is where you visit a local village and do chores, which the local women – who are weavers by trade – do every day. Tony cut grass to feed a cow, houghed in a coffee planted field, helped collect water and in the afternoon, made his own bracelet with the string of an Imigwegwe plant. Next he headed to Kigali, Rwanda’s capital where he couch surfed and visited the Genocide war memorial to the Rwandan 1994 genocide. There many different gardens of remembrance, a very moving place. Lastly, Tony spent a night with a lovely local family in Musanze, and visited the large caves.

Update (28th October 2013)

Tony is now in Gitarama (Muhanga) Rwanda, East Africa.

He has just spent 3 interesting days in Burundi.

These are two small former Belgium colonies, now independent countries in East Africa. They are located between Tanzania, DRC and Uganda.

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Tony’s first book available NOW!

Book: front cover

Seeing The World My Way

A totally blind and partially deaf guy’s global adventures

Seeing the World My Way follows Tony Giles’ journey of hedonism and thrill-seeking adventure as he travels across North America, Asia and Australasia. Full of drama, danger and discovery, this fascinating travel biography is a young blind man’s view of the world as he sets out to achieve his dream, dealing with disability whilst living life to the limit.

From bungee jumping in New Zealand to booze filled nights out in New Orleans, Seeing the World My Way is a no-holds-barred account that is certainly not for the faint hearted. Travel the world in a whole new way with Tony Giles’ frank, honest and exhilarating romp through one adrenaline-fuelled experience after another.

Paperback published by SilverWood Originals. Price £8.99. ISBN 978-1-906236-38-0. 224 pages.

Seeing The World My Way is available to order from most bookshops, on Amazon, and directly from the publisher at silverwoodbooks.co.uk/my-way.

A Kindle download is also available. It can be purchased for just £1.85 on Amazon.co.uk. If you live outside the UK the e-book is also available on Amazon.com and other Amazon country sites.

Available in Braille from the RNIB Library. More details here.

All money Tony receives will go direct to a charity for people with Muscular Dystrophy.