• Tony sliding along a zip wire in San Gil, Colombia, December 2012.
    Welcome to the exciting website of Tony Giles – blind world traveller and writer.

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My Books

I have written and published two Ebooks about my world adventures.

Seeing the World My Way book cover. The cover shows Tony illuminated under a bus shelter with the surroundings in semi-darkness.

Seeing The World My Way

Published in 2010 and re-published as an Ebook in 2017.

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Seeing The Americas My Way book cover. The cover shows Tony in front of a 'Stone Tree' ( Arbol de Piedra) in the Siloli desert of south-west Bolivia.

Seeing The Americas My Way

Ebook published September 2016.

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My ebooks are travel biographies of the observations and experiences of a blind man as he travels around the world having crazy adventures. The first instalment, Seeing the World My Way, describes my early journeys: out for adventure but consumed by alcohol as a method for dealing with my disabilities.

My second ebook, Seeing the Americas My Way, is a more sober, yet more emotional tale. It highlights my challenges of confronting personal issues whilst travelling.


Blog post / Stories from a friend! (12th February 2009)

This is from a friend I met in Seville, southern Spain, in December-January 2007-08. His name is Will, from France. He is a cool guy. He is currently travelling Australia and now looking for work. Enjoy his stories. Tonythetraveller. 17,46, the mobile phone vibrates, a new message received… After a whole day spent sleeping, it’s this damn phone that wakes me up, the headache is really present, but I also want to do something else of my day than just recovering… Good coincidence, Read more →

Blog post / A special secret story! (8th February 2009)

The wandering albatross is one of the worlds’ amazing species. It lives among the islands of the Southern Ocean ‘Antarctic Ocean’, leaving its home annually, sleeping on the wind. It soars through the air, its vast wing span enabling it to fly for months, hunting for seafood seeming to be beyond the parallels of lesser creatures such as humans. It flies in solitude, sleeping when necessary and only returning home to mate and recharge its batteries ready for the next adventure.

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Blog post / All travellers (6th February 2009)

Hay all, its Tonythetraveller saying hi and Happy New Year. I am out of hospital after my successful kidney transplant from my Step Dad. We are both doing fine.
I am back living in my flat by the sea in Devon. I am getting stronger each day and soon hope to be on less medications. Unfortunately, I will not be going anywhere far until the end of April. Then it will only be round the UK and Northern Europe.

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Blog post / Travel friend updates (6th February 2009)

A travel blog and update from a fellow traveller and friend. Hope you find interesting.
Will be back on the road myself this summer. Somewhere in Europe. Tony The Traveller.

photos (Nepal, India, Thailand) are now up on my website:
I have added some maps showing the routes covered by bike (in black) and on foot in Nepal (black & yellow).

I left Ilam early morning in the middle of November,

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Blog post / Small thoughts (7th December 2008)

The best notion about being young is you take risks. The greatest idea about being old is you have wisdom!
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Blog post / End of the road for now! (24th November 2008)

Hi all, its Tonythetraveller letting you know I have just finished travelling for now . I am back in the UK awaiting news of whether I can receive a kidney from my Step Dad. Just a few more tests before I know one way or the other. Either way it means I’m off the road until I get a new kidney. It could be the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

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Blog post / Interesting travels (16th November 2008)

This is from a friend named Jeff, a seasoned traveller. Enjoy

Greetings All !!

I have finally found the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in front of a computer and report on the trip so far.

First problem came at Heathrow when I found that my flight with Thai Airways to Bangkok had been cancelled. They transferred me to a Qantas flight, but they wouldn’t honour the extra 10 kgs.

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Blog post / Very Interesting (13th November 2008)

A fellow traveller Scot from the US sent me this.

Gather ’round, children, for it is time to play a game. Grab a map and let’s count how many countries do not exist. One of them occupies a chunk of the Republic of Moldova. When Moldova broke away from the Soviets, the narrow strip of land to the east of the Nistra River wasn’t happy with that move. That region, called Transdniestra,

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