Still in the Dominican Republic!

Continuously sweating and also being rained on occasionally! Spent my first three nights in Macao, a small beach town roughly 35 kilometres, 22 miles from Punta Cana airport. I stayed in a rustic hostel with very friendly people. I went ziplining on my second full day in the country. A friendly Colombian guy named Andres took me to the ziplining place on his motorbike. We sped up into the mountans and forest. At first, the company staff were unsure how to let a blind guy zipline due to possible safety concerns and the language barrier. However, Andres told the staff my story, how I’d travelled the world, visited 123 countries alone, bungee jumped 17 times, sky dived on three occasions, etc, etc. Eventually, they agreed and I went with the main instructor to zip along 12 different cables high above the trees! An adrenaline rush and great fun… Now I’m in santo domingo, capital of Dominican Republic. I walked around part of the historical zone of the city with a friendly guy I met in one of the touristic squares. He offered to show me around and took some photos. He did attempt to get some money from me, but I gave him a good tip and he showed me to a minibus for my attempt at getting back to my starting point. I must have taken a wrong bus, or the driver not understood my terrible Spanish. Anyway, I eventually found someone with a phone. Showed them a paper with my host’s address and phone number. The guy called my host, and he eventually collected me. I head to Jarabacoa tomorrow. a small town in the central mountains. Three hours north of the capital. Thanks for following. Warmest wishes, Tony :)
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