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Tony In the Indian Ocean!

Dear all, happy May-day. I’m good, relaxing in the small French island of Mayotte, located somewhere in the Indian Ocean! It’s another tropical and humid day here. I arrived from Reunion yesterday evening, only to be greted by warm, tropical rain – such is life for a traveller! I’m relaxing on a nice terrace in a delightful, peaceful Airbnb. No couchsurfers could or wanted to host me, so, Airbnb it is! I’m here until Sunday, when I fly to the Comoro Islands and country 122 on the UN list of nations. From Comoros I head home – back to the UK and wonderful Tatiana’s warm embrace :). Can’t wait! :). I’m doing nothing because in France, May-day means complete shutdown! Hoping to meet some locals at somepoint. We’ll see how it goes. Difficult to wander about here, no real public transport, only Bush (shared) taxis, and not easy for them to stop where I’m staying. No worries, there’s always the beach! :). Happy travels and thanks for supporting me. Remember: my two fascinating Ebooks are available from all Ebook websites. Seeing The World My Way Seeing The Americas My Way They support my travels. So anyone who hasn’t yet purchased and downloaded one, please do. Thank you all so much in advance. If you guys buy my ebooks and support my travels, I can continue to connect with more people around the world and inspire them to achieve their own goals and dreams – disabled or not. Have a wonderful day and week, warmest regards, Tony :).

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