Giving a Little Talk!

Gave a talk at Northampton Associated for the Blind today at their AGM in Northampton, East Middlands. Met some interesting people and had an excellent time :). I love talking about my travels; showing people what can be done and achieved with a little help and a positive mindset. Hope everyone is having a great and/or productive day. I realise life can be difficult and challenging at times, but together, with help from each other, we can cope. Simply breathing in a little fresh air each morning can often be enough. I do appreciate I am a lucky person, able to travel the world :). Hopefully my travel stories inspire people to have a go at achieving their own goals and desires. Please continue to tell all your friends, family, and strangers you meet, work colleagues etc to buy and download my amazing travel Ebooks: Seeing The World My Way Seeing The Americas My Way Available from Amazon and all other Ebook websites. They will make someone laugh and brighten their day, if nothing else. I thank you in advance. Next stop, Dominican Republic. Cheers, Tony :).