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Tony now relaxing in windy Devon, UK. After an epic journey of over 30 hours that involved an 8-hour bus ride from Muscat, Oman to Dubai, UAE, a 4-hour flight from Dubai to Beirut, capital of Lebanon, another flight from Beirut to Belgrade, capital of Serbia, and a final flight from Belgrade to Heathrow Airport, London. Before a 4-hour train journey to Tony’s place of residence in southern Devon! He could have flown direct from Muscat to London, but undertaking the journey in segments saved him quite a lot of money and, for Tony, it is all about the adventure and meeting interesting people along the way! Happy travels, from Tony Ps, don’t forget his fascinating travel Ebooks about a totally blind and partially deaf guy’s global adventures. Hilarious accounts of travels without sight and, often, not in complete control of his senses! Are available: Seeing The Americas My Way Amazon – Apple – Kobo – Google Play – Seeing The World My Way, my first ebook Thank you everyone, from Tony :)

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