Tony on BBC World Travel Show

Heads up: I was filmed in Jerusalem and Bethlehem for a documentary for the BBC World Travel Show about how disabled people are able to travel. Here is information about show times and when and where. The Jerusalem feature will be the second half of the programme on Dec 2nd and Dec 3rd. The Bethlehem feature will be the first half of the programme on Dec 9th and Dec 10th.

On the UK BBC News Channel the times will be: Sat –

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Relaxing in Nazareth

Evening of Thursday 24th November.

Tony is relaxing in Nazareth, north Jerusalem. He’s been there for four nights, staying in Simsin Guesthouse – a friendly small hostel in Nazareth’s Old Town. Tony briefly explored the old city on his first afternoon, feeling the old stone walls with his hands and cane and finding many obstacles on the pavements, including parked cars, large rubbish bins, lampposts and many small bollards. Tony found his way to downtown by following the downwards gradient from the old town and asked local pedestrians as he went for directions to Mary’s Well/Mary’s Square,

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