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Heads up: I was filmed in Jerusalem and Bethlehem for a documentary for the BBC World Travel Show about how disabled people are able to travel. Here is information about show times and when and where. The Jerusalem feature will be the second half of the programme on Dec 2nd and Dec 3rd. The Bethlehem feature will be the first half of the programme on Dec 9th and Dec 10th.

On the UK BBC News Channel the times will be: Sat – 10.30 Sun – 13.30 and 20.30. On the World BBC News Channel the times will vary depending on time zone. But the times GMT are: Fri: 20.30 Sat 03.30, 13.30, 18.30 and Sun 06.30 & 12.30. It will also be available on the iPlayer in the UK.

A shorter version may also appear on BBC Breakfast over the weekend if there’s no big breaking news! :)

I hope everyone can access BBC World some how. I should be getting a Youtube link as soon as it goes live, so watch this space for that.

Thanks for following, and please share this with as many people as possible. Happy travels, Tony the Traveller.

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  1. I had a chance to watch the BBC documentary where you were in Bethlehem. It’s a such a beautiful story and you are so brave! You seem to have had a lot of fun visiting your 124 countries!
    When I watched the documentary, I immediately was thinking of my lovely young friend from Singapore who is also blind. She is as you energetic and brave.
    Unfortunately, she is not able to travel by herself or study abroad as her parents are really concerned about her. However she is still hoping to someday go by her own in England.
    I shared with her your blog as this will encourage her to be bold and wild!

    Again! Bravo and have fun!