Tony has just left Rwanda after five wonderful days in that gentle country. He is now in Kisoro, far western Uganda. He is about to head into the mountains.

Tony spent a couple of days in Gitarama, south central Rwanda and did a Azizi Life Experience Tour. This is where you visit a local village and do chores, which the local women – who are weavers by trade – do every day. Tony cut grass to feed a cow, houghed in a coffee planted field, helped collect water and in the afternoon, made his own bracelet with the string of an Imigwegwe plant. Next he headed to Kigali, Rwanda’s capital where he couch surfed and visited the Genocide war memorial to the Rwandan 1994 genocide. There many different gardens of remembrance, a very moving place. Lastly, Tony spent a night with a lovely local family in Musanze, and visited the large caves.

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