Update from Tony

I’m at present in Georgetown, capital of Guyana, in the north part of South America. It’s on the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve been travelling for two weeks having set off on 1st November. I’ve visited Paramaribo, capital of Suriname, and also visited a couple of jungle villages in the rainforest. I then headed to Cayenne, capital of French Guiana.

I am couch surfing around and using public buses/shared mini-buses. It’s good fun, people are kind and friendly.

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Thrills and spills!

I’ve just done my 13th bungee Jump! Sunday 7th October, off the Transporter bridge, Middlesbrough, northeast England. I jumpt with UK Bungee Club and it was great fun! 160 feet, 50 metres! I stood on the edge and the energy flowed through me then I jumpt – electric! My first bungee in 4 years and I can’t wait to do something else similar. The more adrenalyn the better! See photos on my facebook Next off to Berlin.

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Central Europe Trip

A 12-day journey through central Europe involving Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Slovakia, August 2012.

I began in Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, where I spent 4 days-3 nights walking its cobbled streets listening to its many fountains and soaking up its relaxed friendly atmosphere. Naturally I spent time walking around part of Lake Zurich and was even lucky enough to take a boat ride on the lake one evening on a chance meeting with a Swiss lady who enquired upon where I wished to go.

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