Update from Tony

I’m at present in Georgetown, capital of Guyana, in the north part of South America. It’s on the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve been travelling for two weeks having set off on 1st November. I’ve visited Paramaribo, capital of Suriname, and also visited a couple of jungle villages in the rainforest. I then headed to Cayenne, capital of French Guiana.

I am couch surfing around and using public buses/shared mini-buses. It’s good fun, people are kind and friendly. It’s very hot. I touched spiders webs, maggots, termites, and many different plants and trees in the rainforest. I visited both a Maroon village, people from former slaves who ran away into the jungle, and a Amer-indian village deeper in the forest. The Maroon people are friendly and sociable, the Amer-Indians are less so and more shy. French Guiana was difficult, as there less English is spoken, and Cayenne has no real centre. I visited a Sloth animal sanctuary, where I held a sloth! Their fur feels like a cat’s. They cling to you and are as heavy as a human baby!

Georgetown is extremely hot. I’ve not explored yet, but spent most of the day in the National Centre for disabilities. The people are most friendly and kind. I next head into Guyana’s interior to a lodge near Annai village. Later I go to Brazil.

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