Looking for a good woman

Dear all, this is Tony The Traveller.
I am putting out a request, advertisement, to any lady of a like minded nature in travel and spirit, who might wish to come travelling with me at some point over the next year.
Basically, I am searching for love and friendship, a partner eventually, to share the hights and concore the lows.
So any lady who is interested, drop me an email on this website user comment page and I will be in touch.
It does not matter whether you can travel for one week or one month, just give it a chance, who knows what fun can be had.

I should re-announce , I am totally blind and partially deaf in both ears. yet I have travelled alone and can communicate expertly in quiet settings and to an reasonable extent in crowded places.
I am 5.3 feet in hight, 1.64 metres, weigh approx 78 KG, or just over 12 stone.
I have little head hair, but many of my website pictures show an attractive face.
However, my best qualities lie in my personality. I am totally confident when it comes to travelling. I am a good and sensitive listener. I like rock music and most other types. Enjoy trying different foods, except salad! My main enjoyments when not travelling include talking, reading historical fiction and watching/listening to films of a wide variety.
I am extremely open minded, have a lot to give and want to enjoy the world with someone of similar interests. Go on give it a try.

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