New Adventures!

This is the latest update on Tonythetraveller!

On August 23rd I travelled to Venezuela at the top of South America for a month’s backpacking. However, due to bad sickness from probibly the intense heat and different water, i returned early, after just 9 days.

It is an amazing country; with intense weather, interesting food, insessant moskitoes and wonderful kind people.

I officially Couch Surfed for the first time and found it enjoyable and educational. A host named Darwin showed me some of Karakas with its squares and fine old buildings. He also treated me to Arripas, local food consisting of bread rolls with meat and/or cheese plus a heavy doe. They were delicious, but a little heavy on the belly!

I did some travelling, to several water holes and a beach. I eventually went in land in serch of Angel Falls, my reason for venturing to Venezuela. I got near but sickness meant it is a journey for another time. Plus the organised excursion is expensive at 300 Euroes £250 for a three day trip.

Since returning to England I have turned 30. This occurred on September 6 – I spent a pleasant day with my family, visiting Chedder Caves.

My next adventure is to France and Spain for several weeks in serch of Europes Principalities – mainly Monarco and Andorra. I aim to travel through several French coastal cities before eventually turning in land towards the Pyrenees. I aim to get up into the higher country and taste the scenery and enjoy the fresher air. Finally, I head to the North Spanish coast and the Bay of Biscay.

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