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Welcome to the exciting website of Tony Giles – blind world travel extraordinaire.

Tony on the shore of Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, CanadaTony on the shore of Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada.

I am a young person, totally blind and 80% deaf in both ears without my hearing aids. I also had a successful kidney transplant in December 2008. Yet I’ve visited the World’s Seven continents, all fifty states of the USA, crossed the Arctic Circle, travelled in every South American country and visited all ten Canadian provinces.

I originate from Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol, in the South West of England. At present I live in Teignmouth, Devon.

I have written several books about my world adventures. The books are travel diaries of the observations and experiences of a blind man as he travels around the world.

Other languages: Español, Italiano

What’s New (16th January 2018)

Tony at his publishers, SilverWood Books, holding the braille edition of his first book Seeing The World My Way.

Travel writing

A new mini-site has been created dedicated to my travel writing: Tony Giles – Blind Author and Travel Writer.

Seeing The World My Way, the first in a trilogy of travel biographies, was published in October 2010. The second part, Seeing The Americas My Way, followed as an ebook in September 2016.


BBC Travel Show reminder (21st January 2018)

A reminder that the second part of Tony’s BBC Travel Show documentary is still available, It features Tony exploring Bethlehem.

It is available to watch (UK only) at this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09jl4k0

The international link is http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05tyfcx

It is also being broadcast worldwide on BBC World News and in the UK on the BBC News Channel. For broadcast times, see the links below:
BBC News Channel
BBC World News

Sunday Times article (11th January 2018)

Article about Tony published in the Sunday Times (7th January). Here’s the link:
https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/how-it-feels-to-be-blind-and-roam-the-planet-zkx7t2z37. The article is behind a paywall, although a limited number of articles can be read for free if you register.

ILTV interview (11th January 2018)

Watch Tony’s recent interview with Israel based English Language news channel ILTV (9th January 2018).

Update (8th January 2018)

Tony now in Greece.

iROZHLAS.cz article (28th December 2017)

Another Czech language article about Tony, this one published on the iROZHLAS.cz site.

Counting Down Countries – GlobalGaz podcast (22nd December 2017)

Tony was interviewed for the GlobalGaz travel podcast. Listen at this link.

Czech article (20th December 2017)

An article about Tony recently appeared on the Czech news site Novinky.cz. Read the article here (Czech language).

Watch the first part of the BBC Travel Show documentary (12th December 2017)

For anyone who missed it, here is the first part of the BBC Travel Show documentary featuring Tony in Jerusalem:

Tony in Jerusalem, BBC Travel Show, part 1

The second part, filmed in Bethlehem, was originally scheduled for broadcast last weekend. It was postponed due to recent events. When a broadcast date is known, we will add details here.

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Tony’s books and ebooks

Seeing the Americas My Way - front cover

Seeing The Americas My Way

NEW! Published September 2016

Tony’s second fascinating travel biography offers a more sensory observation of backpacking. From the sounds, smells and cuisine of Brazil and Argentina to the rhythm of salsa in Cuba. Mexico, Chile and Uruguay are also briefly explored.

Whilst there are the usual adrenaline fuelled activities associated with this author in the United States and Canada, the main thread of the story deals with a personal challenge of compromising between love and friendship.

It is a journey of self-discovery with a focus on spartan nature and isolation as a guidance to help the author resolve his emotional problems.

Continue following Tony’s unique wanderings to discover where he will lead you!

Ebook published September 2016. ISBN 9781912022625.

Available from Amazon (Kindle), Apple, Kobo and Google Play.

Seeing The World My Way - front cover

Seeing The World My Way

A totally blind and partially deaf guy’s global adventures

Seeing the World My Way follows Tony Giles’ journey of hedonism and thrill-seeking adventure as he travels across North America, Asia and Australasia. Full of drama, danger and discovery, this fascinating travel biography is a young blind man’s view of the world as he sets out to achieve his dream, dealing with disability whilst living life to the limit.

From bungee jumping in New Zealand to booze filled nights out in New Orleans, Seeing the World My Way is a no-holds-barred account that is certainly not for the faint hearted. Travel the world in a whole new way with Tony Giles’ frank, honest and exhilarating romp through one adrenaline-fuelled experience after another.

Ebook (second edition) published December 2016. Available from all major ebook stores, including Amazon.co.uk, Apple iTunes and Google Play.

A Polish language print edition can be purchased from Prószyński Media. Braille and audio Daisy format editions can be loaned or purchased from the RNIB.

Seeing the World My Way was first published in November 2010 as a paperback by SilverWood Originals. ISBN 978-1-906236-38-0. 224 pages. This edition is now out of print.