South Sudan, March 2024

Tony is listening to cows mooing as they walk back to the Mundari Cattle Camp. Their bells can be heard jangling and a drum is being beaten to drive the cows back home from their grazing land, some 10 kilometres (7 miles) distance. It is nearing dusk. The Mundari Cattle Camp belongs to the Mundari tribe, one of several traditional tribes of South Sudan. Their cattle camp and villages are roughly a 90 minute drive from Juba, capital of South Sudan, a large, mainly arid country in East-Central Africa. As seen in the video, the ground is very dry and sandy. Little grows and in March the daily temperature can reach 50 degrees celcius (110 fahrenheit). The Mundari people seem quiet and peaceful, spending their lives attending their cattle and few crops. The cows, as you can hear, make amusing sounds.
Tony with the cows again, they’re mooing away making lots of noise. Dogs maybe seen in this video plus young heardsmen and boys, women and men, some in traditional dress and others in western clothes. The ground is dusty, the weather is hot and dry.
Tony is on the road in South Sudan. He’s visiting a Mundari Cattle Camp with his local guide, David. The music is blasting and the dry, dusty, sparce scenery is visible through the windows of the large 4 x 4 vehicle.
Tony on the Road again in South Sudan. The music is still sounding and the heat is intense, nearly 50 degrees, but not in the vehicle, thankfully!