Namibia, December 2022

Tony is on the back of a quad bike, being driven up and down the sand dunes of the mighty Namib Desert, just outside the small tourist town of Swakopmund, on the mid Atlantic coast of Namibia, Southern Africa. Taken on Saturday, 10th December 2022.

See the awesome sight of sand dunes in the background and sand flying everywhere. Tony is sat on the back, holding on for dear life as he is driven at high speed through these amazing sand hills. What great fun!!!
Cape Cross Fur Seal Colony, on Namibia’s Atlantic coast, about 140 km north of the small town of Swakopmund. Tony went with a fellow traveller and they hired a private taxi for the day, one of the few ways to visit the seal colony.
Tony with more seals. Playing, fighting, swimming, crying, talking, and being loud! This one waddled through Tony’s legs! The babies are very cute! Enjoy, Tony. An amazing sound, smell and sight!
Tony is just outside Walvis Bay on Namibia’s Atlantic coast and is surrounded by thousands of pink flamingos; large birds with long legs and necks. They seem to be eating small fish or insects in the mud of the lagoon. The voice heard on the video is Tony and his local taxi driver and friend, Max, who Tony met previously on his trip to the Cape Cross Seal Colony. Video taken on Thursday, 15 December 2022. A lovely sight of nature.