Australia, September 2022

Tony at his first attempt at surfing: totally blind and severely deaf in both ears. He can’t see or hear anything, as he can’t wear his hearing aids in the sea! What fun!
Tony’s second attempt at surfing in the sea, off a sandy beach near Long Jetty, Central Coast, NSW, Australia on a sunny and windy afternoon. Afternoon of 12th September 2022. Tony’s having a wet time, swallowing half the ocean! The idea of surfing is to lie on a curved shaped surfboard and line yourself up with the waves and follow them into the beach. After feeling the first wave flow over the board, Tony was meant to push up on his arms, get his right knee onto the board and push up on his right leg and move his left leg up onto the board and stand on the board at a sideways angle and surf the waves! Unfortunately, as this video shows, Tony did not quite do this! It was great fun trying though!
This is my last attempt to master surfing! Nearly there, but not quite! A realisation of how hard learning to surf realise is! It took a lot of strength and energy. I went out of my comfort zone, something which is always worth doing!
Tony riding the Scenic Cableway with other tourists at Scenic World, a tourist attraction in the picturesque Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It’s located about a 2-hour drive from Sydney.