Armenia, October 2022

Tony is with his lovely Armenian tour guide and friend, Hasmik Babalaryan, with a beautiful fountain in Republic Square (Hanrapetut′yan hraparak, known locally as Hraparak, “the square”), centre of Yerevan, capital of Armenia. This video was made on afternoon of 24th October 2022 – Tony’s last day in Armenia after he visited to attend and speak at the Extraordinary Travel Festival that occurred in Yerevan between 14th-16th October 2022.

This large fountain is one of several musical fountains in the square. Republic Square consists of two sections: an oval roundabout and a trapezoid-shaped section which contains a pool with musical fountains. The square is surrounded by five major buildings built in pink and yellow tuff stone in the neoclassical style with extensive use of Armenian motifs. The buildings, hopefully seen in the video, include: the Government House, the History Museum and the National Gallery. This large pedestrian area in the centre of busy Yerevan is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the sound of flowing water!
Tony listening to a delightful fountain in the centre of Yerevan, capital of Armenia on his last day in the country. The fountain is near Vernissage, a busy street market, selling food, souvenirs and other items.
Tony again, listening to this same delightful fountain in the centre of Yerevan, this is a longer version of the delightful sound and sight of flowing tinkling water, one of Tony’s favourite sounds!