Madrid, Spain, July 2009

Madrid, Tony and ManriqueMadrid, Tony and Manrique.

Madrid, Tony and GlenseyMadrid, Tony & Glensey.

Plaza Santa Ana, MadridPlaza Santa Ana, Madrid.

Reina Victoria hotel, MadridReina Victoria hotel, Madrid.

Tony and Glensey, MadridTony and Glensey, Madrid.

Tony and Manrique, MadridTony and Manrique, Madrid.

Tony in taberna bar, Madrid.Does he know! Oh dear!

Sharing a drink, Glensey and TonySharing a drink, Glensey and Tony.

Tony and waiter in MadridTony and waiter in Madrid.

Looking for the night life, MadridLooking for the night life, Madrid.

Is this the hotel Tony stayed in!Is this the hotel Tony stayed in!

Tony and Glensey on the MetroTony and Glensey on the Metro.

Madrid Cathedral, 19th July 2009Madrid Cathedral, 19th July 2009.

A door of the Cathedral of Madrid, 19th July 2009A door of the Cathedral of Madrid.

Tony inside Madrid CathedralTony inside Madrid Cathedral.

Inside Madrid CathedralInside Madrid Cathedral.

A monument building, AtorchaA monument building, Atorcha.

Atorcha, MadridAtorcha, Madrid.

Tony and Manrique, Atorcha, MadridTony & Manrique, Atorcha, Madrid.

Tony in front of Atorcha StationTony in front of Atorcha Station.

Atorcha Station, MadridAtorcha Station, Madrid.

Atorcha Station, MadridAtorcha Station, Madrid.

Tony eating ice cream, Atorcha, MadridThat looks good!