New video – promoting Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way (19th January 2021)

Tony Giles, blind world traveller and published author standing on his local beach with the crashing sea in the background on a cloudy day. Promoting his new travel eBook: Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way.

Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way available now! (6th January 2021)

Hi everyone, another update for you regarding my new travel eBook: I want to let you know my new travel eBook is now available on Amazon and most other eBook websites.

Buy Seeing the Americas My Way on
Buy Seeing the Americas My Way on Apple Books.

ISBN 9781839781544
Published 31 December 2020
Kindle price: £5.98

Thanks to everyone who has already purchased and downloaded a copy 🙂. I hope you like it 🙂. Thank you all so much for supporting me in this. Stay safe, Tony the Traveller 🙂.

Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way book cover.  The cover shows Tony on Victoria Falls Bridge crossing the misty Zambezi River on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. A sign reads 'You are now entering Zambia'.

eBook update (30th December 2020)

Dear friends and followers. I hope everyone is having as good a time as can be expected in this difficult period. I just wanted to let you all know. I’ve had the files back from the eBook publisher, they’ve been checked and sent back. So, the eBook should be available on all eBook websites within the next seven days. I’ll let you know when it’s available to purchase and download. Thanks for continuing to follow and support me. Warmest wishes and a happy New year for 2021. It can only be better than 2020 was! :). Cheers, stay safe, Tony.

Poznan, Poland photos (21st December 2020)

Just added some older photos taken in Poznan, Poland during July 2014. View the photos here.

Tony next to a near life-sized model of a bull standing outside a restaurant.

eBook update. (16th December 2020)

Hi everyone, I hope this finds my followers and fellow travellers well and busy with the festive season that’s well on its way. A quiet one for me :)! I wanted to update you all regarding the release of my latest travel eBook; Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way. It’s now at the eBook publishing company and being converted into eBook files ready for release. However, it now looks like it will be released early in the New year. Keep following and reading to find out more. I’ll let you know when I know. meantime, have a wonderful, and safe festive season. Stay safe, warmest wishes, thanks for following. Cheers, Tony :).

eBook News (9th December 2020)

Tony’s latest travel eBook: Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way will be out soon, just in time to buy and download for Xmas. Thanks for following and support, Tony :)

Bratislava, Slovakia, photos added (19th November 2020)

Lots more photos have been added to the album for Tony’s visit to Bratislava, Slovakia in September 2017.

View the photos here – Photo gallery – Slovakia, September-October 2017

Košice, Slovakia photo album added (9th October 2020)

Just added these old photos taken in Košice, Slovakia, September 2017.

Podcast interview (4th October 2020)

Dear friends, I hope this finds you all well. Below are a series of links to a recent podcast interview I did with a wonderful lady in beautiful Indonesia. Check it out and share it. I hope the links are accessible. Have a wonderful evening and week. Cheers, Tony the Traveller :).
Posting from a very wet and windy Devon!

Apple Podcast:…/podc…/go-stalking/id1517432063…

Travel and Leisure India interview (29th September 2020)

Check out this interview Tony did for the Travel and Leisure India website –

Saturday Night Lockdown interview (30th July 2020)

Tony talks about travelling the world, an interview for the Saturday Night Lockdown. A radio show in Newcastle.

Itchy Feet podcast (28th May 2020)

Listen to Tony talking to Jo O’Connor on the Itchy Feet podcast.

For more details visit:

BBC Travel Show interview (7th May 2020)

Check out this new BBC Travel Show interview with Tony.

Tony playing drums! (23rd April 2020)

Tony playing a double-ended drum from Sri Lanka, sat in his little apartment with the sun shining and the seagulls out and about!

Chobe National Park animal videos (23rd April 2020)

Tony sat in a safari jeep in the middle of Chobe National Park in Kasane, north Botswana. Video shows a male and female lion lying on the ground, close together, asleep. The male lion eventuallly awakes and begins cleaning himself, including licking his balls! 19th March 2020.
This very brief video of two male red lechwes about to fight, was taken during Tony’s game drive through Chobe National Park, Kasane, north Botswana, early on a Friday morning in late March. The weather was cool, overcast and cloudy. 19th March 2020.

More videos here.

Elephant Interaction (30th March 2020)

Tony is having an elephant interaction at the Elephant Cafe near the Zambezi River, near Livingstone, Zambia on Sunday, 22nd March 2020. These large males were rescued from Zimbabwe several years ago during a big drought. Tony and his Zambian friend, Ethan are feeding the elephants natural plant material that they would find and eat in the wild. Their trunks are full of strong muscles and they suck in their food before putting it in their mouth. Elephants eat up to 16 hours per day. Feeding, touching and being with them was a magical experience! :)

More videos here:

Tony in a traditional canoe (mokoro) (18th March 2020)

Tony in a mokoro (traditional canoe) in the Okavango Delta, near Maun, Botswana.

Also check out these recent photos:

Botswana (18th March 2020)

At present, I’m travelling around lovely Botswana. Country 125. Hot weather and kind, friendly people. Cheers, Tony :).

Now in Gaborone, capital of Botswana (9th March 2020)

Dear all friends and followers, hope everyone is well. I’m now in Gaborone, capital of Botswana – country 125! It’s much warmer and dryer than the UK here! Relaxing in nice surroundings, birds chattering outside.

My trip began with a long flight to Joburg, South Africa, where I stayed with a lovely South African guy, Niel for a night. The following day it was an 8 hour bus ride to Botswana. People were friendly, kind and helped me cross the border, I didn’t even have to leave the bus! Immigration staff came to me! A Botswanian lady kindly helped me change money and 40 minutes after departing the border, I was in Botswana’s sprawling capital. I’m staying in a nearby village with a lovely lady from Zimbabwe.
I head north in a couple of days and begin exploring the nature. Warmest wishes to one and all, Tony the Traveller. Happy to be travelling again!

A park close to Randburg, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Tony is with Niel, his South African couchsurfing host, and Yurika from Japan.
A park close to Randburg, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Tony is with Niel, his South African couchsurfing host, and Yurika from Japan. Taken on the afternoon of 5th March.
Cows wondering by a road, near Gaborone Town, capital of Botswana. They seem to wander where they want! Taken on afternoon of 7th March.
Cows wondering by a road, near Gaborone Town, capital of Botswana. They seem to wander where they want! Taken on the afternoon of 7th March.

Interview at Travel Festival Leipzig (26th February 2020)

Check out this interview Tony did with a German journalist, Yvonne, when in Leipzig back in January.

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