Small native boat travelling along the Gambia River, near Kuntaur Village on the river’s north bank, near River Gambia National Park, in central Gambia. Tony talking to the camera in the boat on the Gambia River. Sunday, 11th March 2012.

Chimpanzee seen among trees on one of the islands that comprise the River Gambia National Park, on the Gambia River, central Gambia. Sunday, 11th March 2012.

Tony with two men from West Africa, one is clapping and the other is playing the calabash, a traditional instrument from Guinea Bissau, and singing. Taken on Abene Beach, in Abene – a sprawling village on the Atlantic coast, Casamance region, southern Senegal. Friday, 16th March 2012.

Abene beach with Tony’s English friend Simon. Sun setting. Friday, 16th March 2012. Tony met Simon, a fellow traveller from England, via the internet.

In the dark ambiance of Simon’s Abene house, only silhouettes visible. Local music being played. Excellent. Taken on Sunday, 18th March 2012.

Tony standing close to Bride’s Veil Waterfall “Voile de la Mariée”, a 20-minute motorbike ride from the town of Kindia, Republic of Guinea, West Africa. Wednesday, 4th April 2012.