For any known publishers

The following information is for any publisher who might read this website or for anybody who knows a publisher or agent of that industry. I need a publisher as this amazing story needs to be told.

Book Synopsis
Seeing The World My Way by Tony Giles. This is a travel biography about a totally blind and partially deaf young man’s global adventures, describing his observations and experiences of countries explored by using different senses.

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Travelling; how and why.

So now you have read a little about my travelling. The questions everyone want’s to know is why would a blind person want to go travelling? How is it done, especially alone?

The answer to why is simple, why not!

I go travelling for more or less the same reason other young hearty souls go travelling. Its for the sense of adventure, escapism from the social stuffiness of conventional life, the trappings of responsibility,

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Introduction to Travelling

Travelling is a great life, it is my passion. I’ve been doing it all my life. I had specialist schooling from the age of five or six until I went to university around the age of twenty. This was my early travel life. First back and forwards to school in a taxi every day then to boarding school in Coventry about 100 miles from my home. This was at around the age of ten. I then came home every six weeks or so.

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