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The following information is for any publisher who might read this website or for anybody who knows a publisher or agent of that industry. I need a publisher as this amazing story needs to be told.

Book Synopsis
Seeing The World My Way by Tony Giles. This is a travel biography about a totally blind and partially deaf young man’s global adventures, describing his observations and experiences of countries explored by using different senses.

The book describes journeys through the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam, on a search for wild adventures and natural wonders. Some of this is found as the narrative unfolds and the author undertakes crazy sports combined with heavy consumptions of alcohol.

The account aims to capture both a unique sense of travel and exploration while also providing an historical flavour and geographical setting to each country.

Finally, it is the interaction with the people, both natives and fellow travellers, intertwined with the many activities that is the core of the narrative.

The work is approximately 250 pages long on A4 paper (double-spaced). There are 11 chapters with a prologue and epilogue.

There are also four appendices and a bibliography.

I, Tony Giles, the author of this work, would appreciate any feedback and comments you wish to make. I am totally blind and this is my first written work, therefore your critique would be welcome.

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  1. Hi Tony
    I am a reporter from the Weston & Somerset Mercury and would love to write a story about your travels.
    Could you contact me in any convenient way to you.
    Best wishes.