So, the trip has begun. I’m in Bucharest, capital of Romania. It’s my 92nd country and so far very interesting!

After taking an eighteen hour bus from Athens, Greece and passing through the whole of Greece, 10 hours, and all of Bulgaria, 6 hours, I finally arrived at 2 am in a cool and quiet Bucharest. A taxi driver dropped me at the Midland Youth Hostel, which is opposite the French embassy and only slightly short changed me! 

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Latest blog!

So, it’s been a while since my last update, what have I been doing? From Kampala, Uganda’s small capital I stayed with David who showed me the sights, the market, the Anglican cathedral and even Gadaffi’s own mosque! I climbed into a minaret! From there we headed into rural Masaka and visited an orphanage containing 600 children! Can you imagine it! These are mostly street kids some have HIV and many have no family at all.

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