Book Press Release 2011

Blind and deaf backpacker Tony declares his book “braill-iant!”

Blind and severely deaf traveller Tony Giles was thrilled to find out that the RNIB had commissioned his book Seeing the World My Way to be converted into braille format. Tony, who has travelled independently in all seven continents, gives a no-holds-barred account of his adventures in North America, South East Asia and Australasia, which include bungee-jumping and white water rafting. United with the braille version of Seeing the World My Way at his publishers SilverWood Books, Tony said, “being able to read my story in braille is magnificent. It means that other blind and visually impaired people may have access to my words and may be inspired to overcome their own challenges. Thank you RNIB.” Seeing the World My Way is also available as a daisy compatible ebook from most online retailers.

There is more good news for Tony as the rights to a Polish translation have been purchased by Prószyński Media. The Polish version of Seeing the World My Way will be out in 2012.

Tony recently appeared at Stanford Books as part of the Bristol Festival of Literature.
Along with Bristol-based freelance travel writer Tom Sykes, Tony recounted the adventures he has experienced whilst travelling solo round all seven continents of the world, a fact made all the more amazing by the physical obstacles Tony faces on a day-to-day basis.