Sharing a Website for Disabled and Non-Disabled Writers with Interesting Stories.

Some links to a newish media platform and website: primarily for blind-visually impaired and disabled writers with interesting stories. But available to all. It is a paid platfoorm and I’m not sure if it is fully accessible without paying to read it. But another place for travel/other interest disabled/non/disabled writers to present their work, so thought I’d share it. I was interviewed by the author/founder of the website last year. Please share the links and have a look-read. Thanks, have a wonderful day. From sunny Devon, Tony :). Online media platform DateKeepers, run by Itto Outini, an American blind journalist and writer
Here’s the link where you can subscribe:
It is a paid platform where Blind and disabled travel writers and blind-visually impaired writers can post their blogs/stories.It is open to all writers. I hope it is accessible. Cheers, Tony.
Itto Outini Fulbright Alumni Human Rights Activist Founder of Fulbrighters with Disabilities Co-Founder & Independent Journalist at The DateKeepers Phone: USA, +1 (479) 502-3244