Removing Statues?

An interesting article about plaks and statue of famous actor, John Wayne being removed at Orange County Airport, California. I don’t agree with Waynes’ comments, but rather than removing his statue, maybe a plak explaining both his good and bad points. It was a different era.
We have to educate people and ourselves, not erase the past, but learn from it. Does one now ban all John Wayn films because they portray Native Americans (Red Indians) in a negative light?
Does one remove several Clint Eastwood movies because they contain racial lines? If we go down that road, there will be few films to watch! It is about redressing the balance, so that Black people have the same opportunities as white people. We should create a world where everyone is treated fairly and equally and have equal rights. Black people, asian people, women, disabled people, everyone.
It is about changing attitudes. Attitudes in the predominantly white police forces, the judiciary, and the government and political institutions at all levels.
Cheers, Tony :).