Self-Isolation Message

Easter is nearly upon us in the UK, the sun is out, the weather is nice and the forecast predicts a lovely weekend. Cricket should be being played and kids should be in the parks. But, please, please, please everybody, stay in your houses, apartments, gardens, balconies this weekend and the coming weeks ahead. It’s vital that we all follow the government guidelines; stay in and isolate ourselves from each other. This is the only way this terrible Coronavirus can be defeated and the nurses, doctors and other amazing medical staff and carers can do their jobs safely and successfully. I, as a vulnerable person, like many, many others, am self-isolating and will be for the foreseeable future. I understand it’s very difficult. I’m someone who spends roughly ten months of the year travelling outside the UK. So understand how frustrating it must be for others, especially those who are cooped up with other family members or people without a garden or access to fresh air. But we must, please, stay in and self-isolate where ever possible. This pandemic will end and the more and longer we keep away from each other, the sooner it will end. 3/4 months of self-isolation sounds a long time in today’s society and lifestyle, but compared to 5 years of being bombed during World War II, it is relatively short. I see this period of lock-down as a positive opportunity to finish editing my third travel book, to catch up with global friends via email, facebook etc. To sort my cd collection and complete many other house tasks that I normally don’t have time fore. A time of reflection and to take stock of the crazy world we’ve created. So, please, I ask you again, everyone in the UK and throughout the world, please self-isolate where you can and help defeat this terrible virus. Thank you for listening and reading. Have a safe and good weekend. Cheers, Tony :).
— Tony Giles blind solo traveller and public speaker. Fund raising for Galloways Society for the Blind, northwest England. Challenge: to raise £3,850 or more to send me to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru in October 2020. Go fund me page: Author of Ebooks:
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