In Haiti.

Hi, Hope all you travellers out there are well. I’m now in Haiti! Country 124 on the UN official list. I met a nice couchsurfing couple living in north Haiti; Jonas and Soo. They went to Dominican Republic for the weekend. We managed to meet up in a town called Cabarete on Dominican Republic’s north coast and they helped me cross the border yesterday! Crossing into Haiti was crazy! As we arrived the border was closing and the immigration and border staff couldn’t decide whether to let us cross into Haiti or not. Soo, who speaks good Spanish, negotiated and, eventually, we were allowed through. But not through the normal gate, we had to walk across the river. I was carried across by piggyback on one of the Haitian guy’s backs! Was crazy. Every motorbike taxi arguing with us to take their taxi for an extortionate price! We walked on, over rubble and rough stones. Eventually, we came to a calmer area and got a cheaper motorbike taxi before taking a pick-up truck with other locals to a small town called Limonard. It’s near Capp-Haitien. I’m safe and having fun. Haiti is like being back in Africa. Rough streets, no pavements, unpaved roads. Markets, lots of motorbikes. People driving crazy! Joanas’ place is very simple, there’s a shared bathroom, a toilet to sit on, but no running water. He takes water from a well outside and we put water down the toilet after pooing! I throw water over my head from the bucket to shower. His room is extremely hot, like an oven, but he has a small fan! Been up since 6 am. Joanas starts work at 7 am. Had two boiled eggs and a tiny banana for breakfast from the open market. We got to his workplace on his tiny motorbike! I go back to Dominican Republic tomorrow, unfortunately. My flight departs Wednesday evening. Ok, keep reading and following, will try send more updates soon. Thanks for following and supporting, happy travels, Tony :). Now in country 124 :)!