Egypt Adventure

Tony, Tatiana now in Luxor for more ancient sites! This trip around Egypt has been interesting and fun, challenging and ever changing! Unable to discover or work out how to purchase train tickets to travel from Cairo to Luxor on, either the day train or overnight sleeper, we decided to travel the 7/8 hour journey by bus to Hurghada on Egypt’s Red Sea east coast. We departed Cairo around 7 pm, after going to a different bus terminal than the ‘Go Bus’ use. Nevertheless, some 8 bumpy hours later, with the time approaching 4 am, we arrived in the touristy beach town with its international airport. Once at the Sea Wave Hostel, we crashed. The following morning, I enjoyed fried eggs and bread with a cup of tea on the roothtop deck, whilst Tatiana relaxed in bed. Later we headed to the nearby beach, a 5/10 minute walk, first along a dusty and soft dirt track/road before turning right and descending a slight gradient trail containing several small rocks. At the first real road, we met a local gentleman who helped us cross the busy junction and took us onto the beach after a brief walk. Once on the sand, we were, naturally, guided to a beach café/bar and took seats. Tatiana enjoyed a coffee whilst I went and put my feet in the Red Sea! Wonderfully refreshing! The friendly locals looked after us, escorting us off the beach when we wished to depart. Once helped back across the wide road, we began searching for the upwards trail back to the hostel. After a few minutes walking, we met a lady with a car who turned out to originate from Slovenia, she offered us a ride and, even though it probably took longer than walking, we accepted, gratefully. Back at the hostel, we grabbed our bags, requested a taxi and 10 minutes later, were at the Hurghada bus station ready to depart for Luxor. However, there was one snag, the bus for Luxor didn’t leave for another 2.5 hours. Luckily there was a café nearby, so we quenched our fursts! Needless to say, we eventually made it to Luxor and, are, at this moment, quietly relaxing in the delightful New Everest hostel. Thanks for following. Don’t forget to check out my fun and fascinating travel Ebooks: Seeing The World My Way Seeing The Americas My Way Available to buy and download from all Ebook websites. Have a good one, Tony 😊
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