A Week in Austria

Tatiana and I have just spent a delightful week in Austria. First in Vienna where we attended the TEDx Vienna conference on Simplexity, where I gave a splendid talk on travelling blind. Tatiana came for the food! Then we headed to Graz, Austria’s second largest city in terms of population. Personally, I found it rather quiet. The 15th century cathedral was interesting and we listened to the choonful glockenspiel, chine its 24 bells three times daily. Finally, we moved on to Salzburg with its plethora of churches and variety of architecture. MY mission, to find Mozart’s balls for Tatiana! No, not his actual balls, but the chocolate variety! These are round balls made of marzipan and covered in chocolate and, apparently, delicious! I don’t eally know. Because we met up with a friend from facebook and were given a tray of the prised chocolates, Tatiana ate them all before I had a chance to sample any! Although, to be fair, she did ask me before hand! I’m now back in England relaxing before the next trip. Thanks for following, Tony :)

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  1. Tony,

    I’ve just watched you on the Travel Show. You are a true inspiration and I am humbled by your modesty and pragmatism. I wish you every possible success in your ambitions and travels! Your are a credit to humanity.