Seeing The Americas My Way – coming soon!

Tony’s second travel book: Seeing The Americas My Way, to be launched as an Ebook, late August 2016.

Seeing The Americas My Way follows Tony Giles, blind solo traveller, through more exciting adventures. Tony’s second fascinating travel biography offers a more sensory observation of backpacking. From the sounds, smells and cuisine of Brazil and Argentina to the feel of the rhythm of salsa in Cuba – coupled with the usual adrenaline activities associated with this author.

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Now in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

I’m now in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras. This is country 113! Getting here was fun, a challenge and an interesting day all round. I started Saturday morning in Esteli, north Nicaragua, my task to find an internet café and Skype my girlfriend. This was my second attempt to find an internet place, my first attempt had ended in almost failure. I did find one eventually but when I arrived, the internet decided to quit working.

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