Back in Bucharest

Now back in Bucharest after a fascinating trip. I’ve visited Chernivtsi, Ukraine, it is also called Cernau in Romania. A historical city about three hours bus ride north-east of Suceava, Romania. After three days there I headed to my 94th country, Republic of Moldova. I stayed in Chisinau, the country’s capital. It’s about a 7-9 hour night bus ride from Chernivtsi. Nice quiet people and little to do or see. Some lovely parks, an orthodox church, a triumphal arch and several bars-restaurants-clubs. I spent one day travelling to a town called Orhiel Vec to visit a historical monastery and church in a cave with a spectacular view of a river. The day was very hot and I was travelling with my backpack. On the climb down I took a wrong turn and walked about 2 km in the wrong direction in countryside along rough road/tracks with small houses and cows, goats and chickens before stopping a passing car whose driver gave me a ride back to the bus stop, where I caught the return bus to Chisinau. Crossing a street to catch a minibus to the large bus station, a bus/truck ran over my stick and bent the end. I was unharmed and continue my journey. Five hours later I was deposited in Iași, Romania (pronounced Yash). The bus driver actually drove along one of the old main streets and dropped me outside my accommodation. Iași is a lively student city and former capital of Romania. It’s on seven hills and the parks are delightful. The main attraction seems to be the Palace of Culture with its museums. A concert seemed to be occurring during my brief visit. I met up with a couple of friends I’d met in Bucharest before catching a night train back to Bucharest. In two days I fly back to England.

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