Tony has just left Rwanda after five wonderful days in that gentle country. He is now in Kisoro, far western Uganda. He is about to head into the mountains.

Tony spent a couple of days in Gitarama, south central Rwanda and did a Azizi Life Experience Tour. This is where you visit a local village and do chores, which the local women – who are weavers by trade – do every day. Tony cut grass to feed a cow,

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Now on Lake Tanganyika at Lake Shore Lodge

So I am now at Lake Tanganyika. I have crossed Tanzania in three weeks. It’s been interesting. It was cool in Moshi and Arusha. I stayed with a lovely Finnish couple in Morogoro. I visited a rock garden, which resembles a beach party place, very strange. Then I visited Iringa. I camped for the first time on this trip. At Rivervalley Camp, just 10 km outside Iringa. It’s a camp for people who wish to learn Swahili.

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Now in Morogoro, central Tanzania.

Well, I left you in Zanzibar, sunning myself on the beach. Since then I have been busy. I returned to Dar Es Salaam with a little help from a couple of Tanzanians. Getting around blind is not so easy, because the roads and pavements are mainly non-existent! Taking mini-buses (dala dala) is, or should say, can be dangerous. I have taken a couple and they were OK, if sometimes fast. Once back in Dar, Tanzania’s largest city,

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