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So, it’s been a while since my last update, what have I been doing? From Kampala, Uganda’s small capital I stayed with David who showed me the sights, the market, the Anglican cathedral and even Gadaffi’s own mosque! I climbed into a minaret! From there we headed into rural Masaka and visited an orphanage containing 600 children! Can you imagine it! These are mostly street kids some have HIV and many have no family at all. Many of the boys sleep on metal frames for beds because they don’t have enough mattresses to go around. The 3-5 year old children wet their beds constantly, the smell is like bad cheese!

From there it was to Jinja for my Nile bungee, number 15! On my first day in Jinja, staying with a lovely local guy named Meddy, we visited the hospital where a young boy named Trevor was to have an eye operation to enable his right eye to see. The skin had covered his eye since birth. The operation, which was free, was apparently successful.

Now I’m in Kenya, home of the Masai Mara and Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain. I began my Kenya trip in Nakuru, visited Menengai volcanic crater before heading into lake country. I spent a night by Lake Baringo before visiting Thompson Falls near Nyahururu – it rained like nothing and I wasn’t able to camp. Two nights in Naivasha at Fisherman Camp enabled me to visit Hell’s Gate National Park, but again, I was hit by heavy rain. I’m now in Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city. I’ve just come from Nairobi, the capital, where I had four entertaining days with Victor and his brothers and friends, Bebaly and Jose. We visited giraffes, crocodiles, the famous elephant orphanage and lastly Paradise Lost! So now I’m on the Indian Ocean and the heat and humidity is really hotting up!

I should finally mention, in Nairobi, I met a young blind guy named Moha. He lost sight in both eyes due to two different accidents. He’s not been able to see since the age of five, but is now attending university and plans to be a diplomat. What a cool experience to meet him and all the other kind Kenyans.

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  1. Hi; am David from Uganda, well all i can say is Tony is such an amazing person with a very kind and help full heart. And he was such a blessing to the kids at the orphanage because he bought them food for a full day. Wish you all the best Tony