14th bungee jump!

Today I have just done my 14th bungee jump! and before that I did a paraglide. The travels of Tony are certainly becoming exciting!!

I am now in San Gil, central north Colombia, after taking three taxis and three buses on a 22 hour long journey from Merida, Venezuela in the Andes to Colombia. I arrived around 5.30 this morning and have since bungee jumped off a small bridge over the Fonce River. A forty metre (120 foot) jump after taking a zip wire to the bungee platform. Hopefully photos will come soon.

Before my crazy journey to Colombia, my 80th country, I went paragliding in the Andes near Merida. It was fantastic. Swooping like a bird over a valley canyon with the mountains of Bolivar, Lion and the other huge peaks around me. Half an hour of peaceful gliding with an instructor and just a parachute between us. Then it was back down to earth with a bump and back to the city of chaotic traffic and honking horns for more empanadas. I am off to Santa Marta, north Colombia next.

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