I’ve been busy the last couple of months. In late July, Tatiana and I met up in Rome, Italy’s capital for four lovely days of romance and adventure. We explored the Colosseum, Parthenon and many other famous places and visited the Vatican, a separate sovereign country and the world’s smallest.

In August I attended a couple of successful book signing events and appeared on Radio Bristol. I also undertook several internet blogs and conducted a skype interview for a website in Minnesota called Eyes to

In early September Tatiana and I went to the USA for three weeks. We visited New York City, where it rained, Indianapolis, where Tatiana met people who share her disability. We explored Nashville, Tennessee, visiting the Grand Ole Oprey, the home of country Music and enjoyed southern cuisine in style. Eventually, we ventured to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I’d studied in 2000 and stayed with friends. We had good weather for once and walked part of the long beach. Finally, we had five interesting days investigating all the monuments and sites in Washington DC, the US capital. We had one problem on arrival in Washington, as the private room we had reserved turned out to be a dorm room. Notwithstanding the confusion, this was eventually re-aranged and we stayed in an interesting friendly hostel named Hilltop Hostel in the suburbs.

Because we had a fifteen day bus pass and could travel where we wished, we spent a day in Philadelphia, accompanied by more rain. We were allowed to touch the famous Liberty Bell, a treat, as it is off limits to most other tourists. We also sampled the famous and delicious Philly steak and cheese sandwich.

I’ve spent the last two weeks doing book signing events around the UK including an Alumni event for my former University in Northampton. I also did an interview for BBC radio Wiltshire, which is one of my best to date. You can listen to it if you go to the link to radio interviews.

This weekend, I am book signing in Waterstones Cardiff, 2A the Hays. On Sunday 16th October, from 5.30 pm I will be at Stanford books in Bristol. There will be a book reading, a talk by me and an opportunity to buy signed copies of my book, Seeing the World My Way.

I return to Tatiana in Athens, Greece next Wednesday 19th October. We fly to Milan on 27th October for a week and plan to explore Verona and visit Lake Como.

Happy travels to everyone on the road.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I was pleased to guide you into the La Scale theatre on saturday afternoon.
    If you need some support or suggestions while you are here in Milano, just mail me.
    Have a safe trip.

  2. Great to make your acquaintance at the Stanfords book shop talk yesterday.

    Interesting to also read on your brilliant blog that you have made some parachute jumps.

    You joked that you sometimes took pictures of clouds, by accident, but since Gavin Pretor Pinney has almost made a career out of this, maybe you should publish these on the blog as well !!

    He, and the Cloud Appreciation Society, published a book called ‘The pig with six legs’ so if you are doing another parachute jump and hear an ‘oinking’ sound, that could be why !!

    All the best, and bon voyage, Philip