A new travel year

Hi all travellers out there. Happy New year.
I have just returned from a months travel in the US and Canada. I mainly went to visit friends and get some sun! However, there was little of that as America had a big freeze and it even made its way as far South as Miami, florida!
I spent some time in the southern States and manatged to get some good food in the way of Grits and biskits and gravy and hear some good jazz and blues in New Orleans.
I spent xmas day with friends up in Toronto in my favorite hostel, Canadiana Backpackers – that place still feels like home!
New Year was a quiet one spent with a friend back in South Carolina. This trip was mainly about relaxation, good food and visiting friends.
I will be spending most of the year in Europe, trying to visit the last remaining countries on that continent and hopingfully more fantastic people and find new, exciting adventures.
Have great travels one and all.

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  1. hi Tony,

    It has been an experience meeting/learning you

    Johanna (Holland)
    Plovdiv, Bulgaria, june 2010