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Hay all, its Tonythetraveller saying hi and Happy New Year. I am out of hospital after my successful kidney transplant from my Step Dad. We are both doing fine.
I am back living in my flat by the sea in Devon. I am getting stronger each day and soon hope to be on less medications. Unfortunately, I will not be going anywhere far until the end of April. Then it will only be round the UK and Northern Europe.
The plan is to spend the next few months gaining my travel strength then take several weekends backpacking around Britain and the Scottish Isles before heading further afield in September – medications and doctors permitting!
I aim to head for the U.S. and Canada for December, spending Xmas in Toronto. I plan to start 2010 in Antarctica and then travel around the remainder of South America in the first 2 months of 2010.
That is the rough plan, it just depends on how quickly I fully recover and the doctors readiness to allow me to travel. Fingers crossed.
All travel stories and updates from anyone in any country, place or area please send.
I currently have a friend Scot from the US who has been travelling Europe for a year. I also know a French mate who has been in Australia for several months. Happy travels to them both.
Success on the road to one and all. Tonythetraveller

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