End of the road for now!

Hi all, its Tonythetraveller letting you know I have just finished travelling for now . I am back in the UK awaiting news of whether I can receive a kidney from my Step Dad. Just a few more tests before I know one way or the other. Either way it means I’m off the road until I get a new kidney. It could be the end of this year or the beginning of next year. Or I may have to wait on the donor list for a dead donor, which could take over two years. Time will tell. So after my last trip of just over five weeks, which took in Denmark, Norway briefly, Sweden, Finland including Lapland and Estonia, I have visited 46 countries – 42 of which are foreign.

I will eventually get round to writing about my last few journeys of 2007-08. However, check out the next few blogs as they are about my earlier trips and adventures. There will be exciting stories for all to enjoy!!!

Everyone on the road, have a good one.


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