An interesting quotation on life!

This was sent to me by a good friend, Ryan Monahan
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“When Life Was Full There Was No History”

“In the age when life on earth was full, no one paid any special
attention to worthy men, nor did they single out the man of ability.
Rulers were simply the highest branches on the tree, and the people
were like deer in the woods. They were honest and rightous without
realizing that they were ‘doing their duty’. They loved each other
and did not know that this was ‘love of neighbor.’ They deceived no
one yet they did not know that they were ‘men to be trusted.’ They
were reliable and did not know that this was ‘good faith.’ They lived
freely together giving and taking, and did not know that they were

For this reason their deeds have not been narrated.

They made no history.

– Chuang Tzu. [XII. 13.]

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