Nearing the end of travels for now!

Hi all, its Tonythetraveller. I have just finished another amazing trip. It lasted eight weeks and took in most of the east coast of Canada and some of the US. I visited Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland in Canada, thus completing a visit to all of Canada’s 10 Provinces. Before that I was in beautiful Norway. What a country! The most expensive in the world! This was proved to me when I had to take a taxi to the airport which is in the middle of nowhere. I could not afford to miss this flight as I had a connecting flight to New York awaiting me in London. The distance was 70 miles, 100 kilometres. It cost me a staggering £280; I could not believe it!!! The food in Norway was amazing, veggies with every meal! I tried Reindeer, it was delicious – tender but filling.

I next go to Switzerland to jump one of the longest bungee jumps in the world. I might be in Europe a month or maybe 10 days, it depends on my health. My kidneys are nearly non-functional. this means I will be off the road for the foreseeable future until I get a kidney transplant. Wish me luck. Keep rocking on the road everyone, Tony

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